Crosaire No 17863 by Crossheir – Monday, April 18th, 2022

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8 Detective (PI-) and judge (-RATE) (PIRATE) working overseas for Grace O'Malley at the helm (PIRATE Queen),

9 Father (Parish Priest = -PP-) getting to run (-R-) with Oscar (-O-) and Virginia (-VA-) in Alabama (AL = A-L) (APPROVAL) gets everyone’s blessing (APPROVAL),

10 Characters amidst gallant supporters (characters amidst ‘gallANT Supporters’ = ANTS) from The Hill (ANTS),

11 Runner (PERSIAN RUG) in a manner of speaking (PERSIAN) from Russia (Ru = RU-) gets first gold (first ‘Gold’ = -G) (PERSIAN RUG),


12 Hound (BASSET) wild (= anagram indicator) beasts (beasts = BASSET),

14 Supporter (FAN-) going to match (-LIGHT) (FANLIGHT) in The Crescent provides illumination to those going in (FANLIGHT over door on the way in),

15 For religious reasons, it was established by our neighbours? (Established Church = CHURCH OF ENGLAND) A mass medium (a Mass medium = CHURCH) associated with old French (Old French = OF) country? (ENGLAND) (CHURCH OF ENGLAND),

18 Driving areas of course (FAIRWAYS) in 4 down (‘ fair’ = FAIR-) and 2 down (‘ways’ = -WAYS) (FAIRWAYS),

20 Play (= anagram indicator) Andrew (Andrew = WARDEN) Porter? (WARDEN),

22 Comes out ahead (WINS THE DAY) in sports column (WINS) article (THE) and the odd diary (odd letters in ‘DiArY’ = DAY)? (WINS THE DAY),

24 Bad-mannered (RUDE) crusader dismisses scar (‘crusader’ dismisses ‘scar’ = rude = RUDE),

25 Dana sung (Dana sung) arrangement (= anagram indicator) (Dana sung = UGANDANS) with the group from Kampala (UGANDANS),

26 Fair amount of (half of) omen (half of ‘omEN’ = EN-) from spirit (-GIN-) is ultimately false (ultimately ‘falsE’ = -E) (ENGINE) or it’s a powerful source for movement? (ENGINE).

1 Lot missing from anti-novel ('lot' missing from 'anti-novel' = aninve = VIENNA) from European capital (VIENNA),

2 Spotted (saw) over (= reverse indicator) (saw = WA-S) across yard (-Y-) (WAYS) giving directions (WAYS),

3 The latest intelligence (DESPATCH) of squabble (-SPAT-) between Germany (Germany domain = .de = DE-) and Switzerland (-CH) (DESPATCH),

4 Is it reasonable (FAIR) to get off frigate? (‘get’ off ‘frigate’ = fria = FAIR),

5 Choice (OPTION) of potion (potion) brew? (= anagram indicator) (potion = OPTION),

6 Short (t), bloodthirsty type (‘Count’ Dracula = ‘counT’ without ‘t’ = COUN-) got cold (-C-) and got sick (-ILL-) – otherwise (-OR) (COUNCILLOR) he might still be in office (COUNCILLOR),

7 China cup (China cup) broken (= anagram indicator) (China cup = CAPUCHIN) by monk (CAPUCHIN),

13 Sneaking up on (SURPRISING) leaders stepping up revolutionary planning (leaders ‘Stepping Up Revolutionary Planning’ = SURP-) for Easter 1916 (-RISING) (SURPRISING),

14 Held leaving Sheffield (‘held’ leaving ‘Sheffield’ = sffie = FIFES) with musical instruments (flutes = FIFES),

16 Got on/off shooting range (‘got on’ off ‘shooting range’ = shigane = HEARINGS) for the trials where the jury is out? (HEARINGS),

17 Recently developed (NEW-) top lawn (top ‘Lawn’ = -L-) is moist in the morning (dewy) upsetting (= reversal indicator) (dewy = -YWED) (NEWLYWED) one of those at the recent match (NEWLYWED),

19 Harms a (harms a) remarkable (= anagram indicator) (harms a = ASHRAM) Indian retreat (ASHRAM),

21 Naturally disposed toward (tending) losing the head (t) (‘tending’ without ‘t’ = ENDING) with checkmate (ENDING),

23 Storage facility (DISK) – kid’s (kids) play? (= anagram indicator) (kids = DISK),

24 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) Matt (‘Matt’ = ‘mat’ = RUG-) is going to ultimate barbers (ultimate/ last letter of ‘barberS’ = -S) (RUGS) for local hairpieces (local ‘hairpieces/wigs’ = RUGS).