Crosaire No 17856 by Crossheir – Saturday, April 9th, 2022

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1 Seized part of Dublin (TOOK LIBERTIES) and showed no respect (TOOK LIBERTIES),

10 Fine (okay = O-K) around Utah (-UT-) with The Gents (-LOO-) (OUTLOOK) in that frame of mind (OUTLOOK),

11 Choir (choir) travels (= anagram indicator) (choir = CHORI-) Australia (Oz) bringing back (= reversal indicator) (Oz = -ZO) (CHORIZO) something meaty and spicy (CHORIZO),

12 One of The Greens (KALE) in Cork ­– a lefty? (in ‘coK A LEfty’ = KALE),


13 Courses (ROADS) for those finishing 9 down (finishing ‘took to the road’ = ROAD-) at school (-S) (ROADS),

15 Got hold of (TOOK) those characters starting for all sides today (TOOK on all sides of today’s grid),

17 A pair (TWO) raised (= reverse indicator) in Moscow tenement (raised in ‘moscOW Tenement’ = owt = TWO),

19 Colouring agent (dye) showed up (= reverse indicator) (dye = -EYD-) in a stable diet (hay = H-AY) (HEYDAY) in the golden years (HEYDAY),

21 Bachelor (-B-) consumed by drink (ale = AL-E-) at party (-DO) (ALBEDO) and that’s a reflection of what’s on the surface (ALBEDO),

22 Religious group (sect) cut (t) (‘sect’ without ‘t’ = SEC-) record (-REC-)? Yes (-Y) (SECRECY), in a state where nothing is leaked! (SECRECY),

23 Difficulty (PLIGHT) in parking (P-) at the airport (flight) heading off (f) (‘flight’ = -LIGHT) (PLIGHT),

25 Prometheus dismissed sour (‘Prometheus’ dismissed ‘sour’ = pmethe = TEMPEH) dish made with fermented soya (TEMPEH)

27 A number (TEN) of those caught up (= reverse indicator) in Puritan ethics (caught up in ‘puritaN EThics’ = net = TEN),

29 Lay figure puts out a fire (‘lay figure’ puts out ‘a fire’ = lygu = UGLY), as it’s not much to look at (UGLY),

30 Admission doesn’t include mini (‘admission’ doesn’t include ‘ mini’ = adsso = SODAS) bar contents (SODAS),

31 Rivers (R+ R = R-R) on both sides of university (-U-) hospital (-H-) (RUHR) in German region (RUHR),

34 Stunt (GIMMICK) – Russian fighter (Mig) set up (= reverse indicator) (Mig = GIM-) with The Irishman (-MICK) (GIMMICK),

35 A gaunt (a gaunt) marshal (= anagram indicator) (a gaunt = ANT-GUA) outside institute (-I-) (ANTIGUA) – the one from the Leeward Islands (ANTIGUA),

36 Rented out spare rooms (TOOK IN LODGERS) to 27 down (‘took in’ = TOOK IN) and eccentric (= anagram indicator) Lords, e.g. (lords eg = LODGERS) (TOOK IN LODGERS).

2 Get the better of (OUTPLAY) old (O-) university (-U-) for time (-T-) with caper (-PLAY) (OUTPLAY),

3 Garda – the one associated with Hitch (‘garda hitch’ climbing KNOT) – taken in by Preston King (taken in by ‘presTON King’ = tonk) going all the way back (= reverse indicator) (tonk = KNOT),

4 Drunk (= anagram indicator) Pinot (pinot = IN-POT) over the weekend (‘weeK’ end = -K-) (INKPOT) – a favourite of old writer taking a dip perhaps (INKPOT),

5 Unfocused, having no fun (‘unfocused’ having no ‘fun’ = ocused = ESCUDO) in old capital (old capital/money/Portuguese ESCUDO)

6 No badness in basset hound (no ‘badness’ in ‘basset hound’ = thou = THOU) from Quakers’ address (THOU),

7 No VAT on videotapes (no ‘VAT’ on ‘videotapes’ = ideopes = EPISODE) produced as part of a set (EPISODE),

8 Accepted a mate tying the knot (TOOK THE PLUNGE) presumably tested the water (TOOK THE PLUNGE),

9 Went on tour (TOOK TO THE ROAD) to (TO-) endorse (-OK) Count (tot = TO T-) and a horde (a horde) on the rampage (= anagram indicator) (a horde = -HE ROAD) (TOOK TO THE ROAD),

14 Gave the prize to (AWARDED) a (A-) sketch (draw) about (= reverse indicator) (draw = -WARD-) writer (-ED) (AWARDED),

16 Whip (lash) loses the head (l) (‘lash’ without ‘l’ = -ASH-) boring secretary (PA = P-A) (PASHA) of old Eastern official (PASHA),

18 Swallow, for instance (FLYER), what’s coming through your letterbox (FLYER),

20 Beast from the East (yeti) isn’t finished (i) (‘yeti’ without ‘i’ = YET) nevertheless  (YET),

21 Heading for Appeal (heading for ‘Appeal’ = A-) Court (-CT) (ACT) to take the initiative (ACT),

24 Is it popular (IN) to serve up (= reverse indicator) milk (milk = klim), for the most part (‘klim’ without ‘k’ = LIM-), to trim (y) young man? (boy) (‘boy’ without ‘y’ = -BO) (IN LIMBO) That’s up in the air! (IN LIMBO),

26 One of those forcing a clear out (PLUNGER) from Persian Gulf dismissed? As if! (‘Persian Gulf’ dismissed ‘as if’ = perngul = PLUNGER),

27 Defrauded (TOOK IN) leaders of The Orange Order (leaders of ‘The Orange Order’ = TOO-) and one’s own flesh and blood (kin = -K IN) (TOOK IN),

28 Going all the way back (= reverse indicator), OJ (oj = -JO) took a (-A-) vehicle (van = NAV-) (NAVAJO) from an Arizonian native (NAVAJO),

32 Left (L-) for the journalist to use (-INK) (LINK) to make the connection (LINK),

33 Bust a gut containing (‘buST A Gut’ containing  = STAG) party of lads (STAG).