Crosaire No 17837 by Crossheir – Friday, March 18th, 2022

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8 That's an old wives' tale (LEGEND), for example (e.g. = -EG-), discovered in advance (L-END) (LEGEND),

9 Just like those tending to the sick (MATRONLY) in only tram (only tram) working (= anagram indicator)? (only tram = MATRONLY),

10 Dance partner (SONG and dance) in 26 across similarly (‘anthem’ = SONG),

11 Popular (in), sound (= homophone indicator) (‘in’ = ‘inn’ = INN-) footballers defending the goals (-KEEPERS)? (INNKEEPERS) from those setting up the shots! (INNKEEPERS),


12 Old peaceful statesman (GANDHI) with great (G-) leaders advocating nonviolence digging heels in (leaders ‘Advocating Nonviolence Dig Heels In’ = -ANDHI) (GANDHI),

14 Try to discourage (DISPIRIT) Garda (Detective Inspector = DI-) from the drink (-SPIRIT) (DISPIRIT),

15 25 (‘national’ = NATIONAL) and 26 across (‘anthem’ = ANTHEM-) open set (open ‘Set’ = -S) (NATIONAL ANTHEMS) with country music numbers (NATIONAL ANTHEMS),

18 Local fruitcake (‘local’ fruitcake = HEADCASE) from Schull (Schull) by the sound of it perhaps (= homophone indicator) (‘Schull’ = ‘skull’ = head case = HEADCASE),

20 Phrenologists missing, in short (‘phrenologists’ missing ‘in short’ = pelogs = GOSPEL), and that’s the absolute truth (GOSPEL truth),

22 Desert pics (desert pics) ripped-up (= anagram indicator) (desert pics = DISRESPECT) out of contempt (DISRESPECT),

24 RIP (rip = TEAR) in Split (break/rip = TEAR),

25 A person from America for instance (NATIONAL) produced, for example, turkey (Turkey = NATION-) from Alabama (-AL) (NATIONAL),

26 Some boatman – the mariner (some ‘boatmAN THE Mariner’ = ANTHEM) in Land of the Free? (“Land of the Free” ANTHEM of Belize).

1 Covers up characters handcuffed or arrested (covers up characters 'handcufFED OR Arrested'  = FEDORA) with product coming out of millinery (FEDORA felt hat),

2 An overseas hazard (iceberg) is not all it’s made out to be (iceberg = BERG) for those involved in December gathering (those involved in ‘decemBER Gathering = BERG),

3 The Count (ADDITION) – boss (= anagram indicator) and idiot (and idiot = ADDITION),

4 Story from monastery (‘story’ from ‘monastery’ = mnae = AMEN) heard at the end of mass gathering? (at the end of Mass gathering / AMEN),

5 Capital (Capital of Greece = ATHENS) in Yugoslavia, then Serbia?  (in ‘yugoslaviA THEN Serbia’ = ATHENS),

6 New (= anagram indicator) shops aside (shops aside = SOAP DISHES) from places for bars? (SOAP DISHES),

7 A-list rum (A-list rum) cocktail (= anagram indicator) (a-list rum = ALTRUISM) produced by a measure of public-spiritedness? (ALTRUISM),

13 Dates (DRIED FRUIT) doctor (DR-) that is (i.e. = -IE-) in front of Daphne (in front of ‘Daphne’ = -D) and Olive (FRUIT) (DRIED FRUIT),

14 Turn upside down (DELVE) in Zinfandel vessel (in ‘zinfanDEL VEssel’ = DELVE),

16 The New Yorker, for example (AMERICAN), produced article (A-N) about unstable (= anagram indicator) Crimea (Crimea = -MERICA-) (AMERICAN),

17 Odd (= anagram indicator) thing (thing = NIGHT-) for accountant (-CA-) to post? (-P) (NIGHTCAP), as it’s similar to one of those in 24 down! (one of the ‘tots’ = tot = NIGHTCAP),

19 Missing (ABSENT) out? (ABSENT),

21 Middlemen (middle ‘mEn’ = E-) dead (-LATE-) tired at the foundation (‘tireD’ at the foundation = -D) (ELATED) or in high spirits? (ELATED)

23 Long swimmers (EELS) in river getting away from revelries (‘river’ getting away from ‘revelries’ = eles = EELS),

24 Calculates (TOTS) bank’s toxic assets (banks ‘TOxic asseTS’ = TOTS).