Crosaire No 17590 by Crossheir – Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021

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8 Faith (CHURCH) in setting up (= reverse indicator) taps (Hot + Cold taps = H+C = -CH) for old police force (The Royal Ulster Constabulary/ RUC = C-UR-) catching hothead ('Hot' head = -H-) (= CHURCH),

9 Complete abhorrence of (LOATHING) Goliath (Goliath = LOATHI-G) rambling (= anagram indicator) about final confrontation (final ‘confrontatioN’ = -N-) (LOATHING),

10 The clue (HINT) to why there are no wagons in Washington (no ‘wagons’ in ‘Washington’ = hint = HINT),

11 Not delegated to (UNASSIGNED) Danes using (Danes using) make-up (= anagram indicator) (Danes using = UNASSIGNED),


12 There’s a rush on (DEMAND) starters of devilled egg morsels (starters of ‘Devilled Eggs Morsels’ = DEM-) in addition (-AND) (DEMAND),

14 Love (O-) retweet (RT = -R-T) about somebody (-NAME-) getting point (North = -N-) (ORNAMENT) of one of those in The Cabinet (ORNAMENT in the cabinet/cupboard),

15 Mini (DRESS) show trials perhaps (REHEARSALS) (DRESS REHEARSALS) for those in various outfits preparing to make a play at this stage (DRESS REHEARSALS),

18 Broadcasts (AIRS-) from March (march = -PACE) (AIRSPACE) in an out-of-this-world setting – typical of a pilot (AIRSPACE),

20 Punch (Punch from “Punch and Judy Show” = PUPPET) from boxer (PUP-) is a favourite (-PET) (PUPPET),

22 It’s breathtaking (INHALATION) for one (I-) leader of heave (leader of ‘Heave’ = -H-) in national (national) struggle (= anagram indicator) (national = -N-ALATION) (INHALATION),

24 Partner (MATE) of characters involved in street amusements (characters involved in ‘streET AMusements’ = etam) setting up (= reverse indicator) (etam = MATE),

25 Position batsman takes perhaps (batsman facing bowler is “on strike” = ON STRIKE) is not working (ON STRIKE),

26 What the designer can do (INVENT) stems from investments (‘stems’ from ‘investments’ = invent = INVENT).

1 The pick (CHOICE) of Trim (trim/cut = 'r') group of singers ('choir' without 'r' = CHOI-) going to church (Church of England = -CE) (CHOICE),

2 Teaser from setter: Arab (‘teaser’ from ‘setter Arab’ = trab = BRAT) produced an unruly child? (BRAT),

3 Ram (ram/knock = SHOULDER) or bear? (bear/accept = SHOULDER),

4 Some in Fine Gael faction (some in ‘fine gAEL Faction’ = aelf) upset (= reverse indicator) (aelf = FLEA) by one of the parasites (FLEA)

5 Crazy (mad) about (= reverse indicator) (mad = DAM-) relative (-SON) (DAMSON) in a jam (DAMSON),

6 Assessment of full-time (THE GAME’S UP) heptathlete’s excellent tips (‘Heptathletes Excellent’ tips = -HE-) for Olympics (games = GAME’S) in revolting (= reverse indicator) place (put = T- UP) (THE GAME’S UP),

7 Trainee (INTERN-) absent (-A-) with novice (learner = -L) (INTERNAL) located inside (INTERNAL),

13 Aid (ASSIST-) workers (-ANTS) (ASSISTANTS) are not managing but might in the future (ASSISTANTS),

14 No pity for hypocrite (no ‘pity’ for ‘hypocrite’ = hocre = OCHRE) – the shady type (OCHRE),

16 What’s the main man in The Palace doing (REIGNING) with ginger in (ginger in) brew? (= anagram indicator) (ginger in = REIGNING),

17 One may have to have it out in The Theatre (APPENDIX) or in a book (APPENDIX),

19 Turns off graduations (‘turns’ off ‘graduations’ = gadaio = ADAGIO) – is it the slow tempo? (ADAGIO),

21 Having one’s fill (EATING) of the chair (seating) losing the head (s) (‘seating’ without ‘s’ = EATING),

23 Someone thought this (IDEA) can be found in solid earth (can be found in ‘solID EArth’ = IDEA),

24 Inspire (MOVE) change of direction by the knight on the board (change of direction by the bishop on the chessboard = MOVE).