Crosaire No 17516 by Crossheir – Monday, March 8th, 2021

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8 What the journalists make (PAPERS) of documentation (ID papers = PAPERS),

9 One of those in 8 across (one of the ‘papers’ = GUARDIAN) having minor responsibilities? (looking after children) (GUARDIAN),

10 Refashioned out of hall of residence (‘refashioned’ out of ‘hall of residence’ = llce = CELL) in Kilmainham (CELL in Kilmainham Gaol),

11 State (AZERBAIJAN) of a (A-) wild (= anagram indicator) zebra (zebra = -ZERBA-) on New Year’s Day (1st of Jan = -IJAN) (AZERBAIJAN),


12 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) an opportunity to buy something (‘a sale’ = ‘ASSAIL’) in Knock (knock/attack = ASSAIL),

14 Father’s saying (BLESS YOU) for gesundheit (BLESS YOU),

15 Provides certainty (LEAVES IN NO DOUBT) for 26 across (‘leaves’ = LEAVES) finding hostelry (inn = IN N-) near Oxford (= -O) with reservation (DOUBT) (LEAVES IN NO DOUBT),

18 Works (OPERATES) with endless (n) frank (open) (‘open’ without ‘n’ = OPE-) judges (-RATES) (OPERATES),

20 Aristotle dismisses art (‘Aristotle’ dismisses ‘art’ = isotle = LOSE IT) with crack? (LOSE IT),

22 It’s plain to see (NOTICEABLE) running (= anagram indicator) Cabinet, Leo? (Cabinet Leo = NOTICEABLE),

24 One of those in 11 across (there is a BAKU in ‘Azerbaijan’) with Asian oil capital? (BAKU),

25 Sensitive type (DETECTOR) sounds the alarm when Charlie is found? (DETECTOR alarm when ‘Charlie’/cocaine is found),

26 In anyone’s book (LEAVES), the forecasters will read something into these (the forecasters/fortune-tellers will read something into these = tea LEAVES).


1 Newscaster went off (‘newscaster’ ‘went’ off/ without ‘went’ = scaser = CARESS) with Pat (pat/touch = CARESS),

2 What’s at the end of 17 down, for the most part (end of ‘oil wells’ = ‘wells’ without ‘s’ = WELL), is not sick (WELL),

3 Club’s (clubs/beats = ASSAULTS) local idiot (ASS-) from Australia (-AU-) starts listening to strikers (starts ‘Listening To Strikers’ = -LTS) (ASSAULTS),

4 Part of backlog repudiated (part of ‘backlOG REpudiated’ = OGRE) by pantomime villain (OGRE),

5 Frenchman (Monsieur = -M-) entertained in Back (= reversal indicator) Lounge (bar = RA-B-) by the foreign (the = -LE) (RAMBLE) tramp? (tramp/hike = RAMBLE)

6 Charges (ADMISSIONS) young man (lad) losing the head (l) (‘lad’ without ‘l’ = AD-) on bombing raids (-MISSIONS) (ADMISSIONS),

7 Lost (= anagram indicator) coat (coat = TACO-) and money (-M-) in taxi (CA-B) (CATACOMB) or The Underground, of late (CATACOMB),

13 Traversed (traversed) floating (= anagram indicator) (traversed = ADVERT-SER) island (-I-) (ADVERTISER) for a job in promotions (ADVERTISER),

14 Ties (BONDS) to sub-deacon’s lost cause (‘sub-deacons’ lost ‘cause’ = bdons = BONDS),

16 Goes off (EXPLODES) with former partner (EX-) to place (-PL-) near Limerick (-ODE-) close to Ballylanders (close/end to ‘ballylanderS’ = -S) (EXPLODES)

17 Rocky (= anagram indicator) Lowell is (Lowell is = OIL WELLS) tapping into natural energy (OIL WELLS),

19 Posts (TWEETS) in small (-WEE-) square (-T- square) dividing street (St) on The Rise (= reverse indicator) (St = T-S) (TWEETS),

21 “No Dancers in Dinner Jackets” (no ‘dancers’ in ‘dinner jackets’ = injket = INK JET) – did the printers not change that? (INK JET),

23 Hates leaving sunbather (‘hates’ leaving ‘sunbather’ = unbr = BURN) to soak up too much of the sun (BURN),

24 Empty (h) address in Calcutta (sahib) (‘saHib’ without ‘h’ = saib) turned upside down out (= reverse indicator) (saib = BIAS) out of prejudice (BIAS).