Crosaire No 16739 by Crossheir – Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

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1 Was not in saltwater (‘was’ not in ‘saltwater’ = altter = RATTLE) to put off one’s stroke (RATTLE),

4 It’s polite (CIVIL) to act (LAW) (CIVIL LAW) with concern for private parties in court (CIVIL LAW),

9 Sue gets away from dangerous (‘sue’ gets away from ‘dangerous’ = dangro = DRAGON) fiery type (DRAGON),

10 Reveals everything about himself on pitch (STREAKER) by making a show of himself making a run for it (STREAKER),


12 Where you’d expect The Yard to be (IN THE REAR) following everyone? (IN THE REAR),

13 Some forgotten sentence (some ‘forgotten sentence’ = TENSE), in a manner of speaking (TENSE),

14 It’s not easy (HARD) for one of those in the circulation business (one of those in the circulation business = CURRENCY) (HARD CURRENCY) as it’s not a liquid asset (HARD CURRENCY),

18 New (N-) and precious type (gold = -AU) of floor (floor -TI-LE) covers cool (-CAL M-) institute (-I-) (NAUTICAL MILE) and that’s a measure of a crafty sort (NAUTICAL MILE),

21 A (A-) hostelry (B&B = -BB-) is empty (empty/remove centre = ‘u’) out (‘out’ without ‘u’ = -OT) (ABBOT) by The Monk’s Head? (ABBOT),

22 Article (THE) is not quite right (OFF) from the start (= positional indicator) on Hook (hook = PEG) (OFF THE PEG) or it’s just made up to suit everybody (OFF THE PEG),

24 Spread (TRANSMIT) of Martin’s (Martins = TRANSMI-) flying (= anagram indicator) from far side of Solent (far side of ‘Solent’ = -T) (TRANSMIT),

25 Fragment (SNATCH) of anarchic (= anagram indicator) chants (chants = SNATCH),

26 Address for man (MI-STER) hanging around Ulster (-NI-) (MINISTER) churchman (MINISTER),

27 Wrong (= anagram indicator) dosage (dosage = SEA DOG) of antiquated salt (SEA DOG).


1 The type of district (RED-LIGHT district) one isn’t supposed to drive through (RED LIGHT),

2 Players (-ACTORS) almost (y) score (‘try’ without ‘y’ = TR-) from the start (= positional indicator) (TRACTORS), breaking new ground across the turf (TRACTORS),

3 Shapeless (LOOSE) broad (broad/vague = LOOSE),

5 One of those detained (internee) briefly (e) (‘internee’ without ‘e’ = INTERNE-) at square (-T square) eatery (CAFé) (INTERNET CAFé) providing refreshments to the surfers (INTERNET CAFE),

6 There’s no difference (IDENTICAL) whatever way you look at it, it’s just more of the same (IDENTICAL),

7 Fondness (LIKING) for fair amount of (half of) life (half of ‘life’ = LI-) in The Palace (-KING) (LIKING),

8 Has a job (WORKER) taking probe away from power broker (taking ‘probe’ away from ‘power broker’ = werokr = WORKER),

11 Cloak and dagger (SECRET) found by river (PO-) parasites (-LICE) (SECRET POLICE) with the type of force you hear about but rarely see (SECRET POLICE),

15 What doctoral students read (CHART-) can be given to the best university graduates (firsts = 1sts = -ISTS) (CHARTISTS) by old reformers (CHARTISTS),

16 Crossed Swords (DISPUTED) to dish out (= anagram indicator) spud diet (spud diet = DISPUTED),

17 Prickly type (HEDGEHOG) of guard (guard/buffer = HEDGE-) on bike in America (Harley Owners Group = -HOG) (HEDGEHOG),

19 Bar (BAN-) opens for the angry men (opens for ‘the angry men’ = -TAM) (BANTAM) going to the boxing match (BANTAM),

20 Come by (OBTAIN) boat in (boat in = OBTAIN) detour (= anagram indicator),

23 Swinger’s type (HINGE) of joint? (HINGE).