Crosaire No 16728 by Crossheir – Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

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8 Some secret I regret (some ‘secret I regret’ = RETIRE) of how to give up work (RETIRE),

9 The Pirates (CORSAIRS) produced by Sir Oscar (Sir Oscar = CORSAIRS) Wild? (= anagram indicator),

10 It’s apparent in Leslie Stephen’s (apparent in ‘Leslie Stephens’ = LIES) pieces of fiction (LIES),


11 Show affection (THROW A KISS) for project (THROW) on Saki’s (Sakis = A KISS) (THROW A KISS) novel (= anagram indicator),

12 Flips over (= reversal indicator) account (AC = -CA) by paramilitaries (IRA = A-RI-) holding onto force (-F-) (AFRICA) in one of the continents (AFRICA),

14 Casual (RANDOM-) labourer opening (‘labourer’ opening = -L-) yard (-Y) (RANDOMLY) without rhyme or reason (RANDOMLY),

15 Figures (CARDINAL NUMBERS) counted at a papal conclave presumably (CARDINAL NUMBERS),

18 Legend (“leg” end = G-) gets nothing from tennis (-LOVE-), from fight in the ring (fight in the boxing ring = -BOX) (GLOVEBOX) or from one of handy types in golf? (handy type in VW Golf car = GLOVEBOX),

20 Dry type (CUR-E) admits taking head off (p) Irishman (‘Pat’ without ‘p’ = -AT-) (CURATE) assisting the minister (CURATE),

22 Two potential joiners (bride + groom = BRIDEGROOM) – one of which is prepared to join Union (BRIDEGROOM),

24 Greet the King (BOW-) closing the bill (closing the ‘bill’ = -L) (BOWL) in Hollywood amphitheatre (BOWL),

25 Most of those in 10 across (most ‘lies’= LIE) having a (A-) fight (-BOUT) (LIE ABOUT) in lounge (LIE ABOUT),

26 Use preservatives (EMBALM) to take blame (blame = EMBAL-) away (= anagram indicator) from Mike (-M) (EMBALM).


1 It’s a comfort (RELIEF) to official (RE-F) holding on to story (-LIE-) (RELIEF),

2 Welcome warmly (KISS) at the end of 11 across (at the end of ‘throw a kiss’ = KISS),

3 Keep the lid on local (RESTRAIN) getting about (RE-) on small (-S-) mode of transport (-TRAIN) (RESTRAIN),

4 Dancers drop Ned (‘dancers’ drop ‘Ned’ = acrs = SCAR) and Mark (mark/blemish = SCAR),

5 Backs (= reversal indicator) Ulster (NI = IN) administrative division (district/ward = DRAW) (DRAW IN) to use some pull (DRAW IN),

6 Controls the flow of blood (Blood BANK) by taking hot stuff (taking hot stuff  = ROBBER) (BANK ROBBER) from money-grabber in financial institute (BANK ROBBER),

7 Struggle (WRESTLE-) with writing (from the 3Rs = -R) (WRESTLER) in The Ring, getting to grips with the opposition (WRESTLER),

13 One of the characters (INDIVIDUAL) in solitary (INDIVIDUAL),

14 Diana leaves Alexandria (‘Diana’ leaves ‘Alexandria’ = alexr = RELAX) to take it easy (RELAX),

16 Visitor (caller) loses the head (c) (‘caller’ without ‘c’ = ALLER-) with soldier (-GI-) getting caught (-C) (ALLERGIC) – what sort of a reaction would you expect? (ALLERGIC),

17 Organisation (UN-) is searched thoroughly (-COMBED) (UNCOMBED) and left without a sweep of what’s on top (UNCOMBED),

19 Revolting (= anagram indicator) bigot (bigot = BIG TO-) going to Spain (-E) (BIG TOE) on foot (BIG TOE),

21 Lowest (lowest = TOWELS) form (= anagram indicator) of drying material (TOWELS),

23 Guarantee (OATH) offers assurances to leader’s (‘offers assurances to’ leaders = OAT-) husband (-H) (OATH),

24 Little one (BABE) from Canaries taken out of Caribbean Sea (‘Canaries’ taken out of ‘Caribbean Sea’= bbea = BABE).