Let a robot sweep through your room

Tech Tools: Prosceniuc 850t combines vacuum and mop to keep your floors clean

Prosceniuc 850t robot vacuum cleaner (€199)

I’m of the opinion that every home needs a robot vacuum cleaner. Do they do as deep a clean as your regular vacuum? No, but they manage to keep the mess down and take one thing to do off your list. They don’t have to be the all-singing, all-dancing ones either, especially if your budget is more modest.

The Proscenic 850t robot vacuum cleaner keeps things simple, combining a vacuum and mop to help you keep your home under control. It does have wifi for remote access, but it also comes with a remote control so you don't have to mess about with apps to get it to work.

Daily grime

The mopping is the equivalent of a damp wipe over the floor, but it keeps the daily grime down to a minimum until you can do a more thorough clean.


The vacuum, meanwhile, will pick up the dust and dirt from your floors, switching suction automatically as it moves from hard floors to carpet and rugs. The dust bin is quite small, so will require frequent emptying, but it’s a minor task given the robot will take care of your daily cleaning for you.