Have you come across astonishingly high prices, like the €15.90 chicken wrap? Tell us your story

Justine McCarthy says the ‘cost of eating out, or even sipping a cup of tea, has reached staggering heights’

Our columnist Justine McCarthy has highlighted a €15.90 chicken wrap as an example of greedflation and a flourishing rip-off culture.

Do you think prices have increased more than justified by inflation and can you share examples you have come across of shockingly sharp increases in prices?

McCarthy writes: “One of the most indigestible greedflation examples I recently spotted was €15.90 for a Caesar chicken wrap in a retail park daytime restaurant. Chips on the side cost extra. There must have been 24-carat gold filings blended into the mix of chicken bits, cheese, lettuce and “crispy bacon”, otherwise known as a fried rasher, to warrant that price.”

McCarthy particularly points to the restaurant and hospitality sector. Have you been left aghast by prices in cafes or restaurants?


“Ever since the Government caved into the hospitality sector’s intensive lobbying to retain its emergency VAT rate of 9 per cent, the cost of eating out, or even sipping a cup of tea, has reached staggering heights,” writes McCarthy.

She has asked for “answers on a postcard, please”. So do you have any examples of a return to rip-off Ireland. Please tell us in the form below. And if you happen to have receipts please attach photographs of them!

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