How is Coronavirus affecting you?

Lectures have been cancelled, universities have been closed and exams may be moved. We want to hear how you have been affected

These are difficult times. The Coronavirus has created a crisis that may last for several months.

We want to hear from you about your own experience of the pandemic. How have you been affected by the crisis? Have your studies been affected? Has your landlord been understanding? Have you any comments or tips you would like to share?

Join the conversation and have your say - and we’ll publish a selection of entries over the coming days.

In a rare televised address to the nation broadcast on St Patrick’s Day, Taoiseach Leo Varadkarsaid as much as he outlined some of the arrangements that are being put in place to help contend with this medical and social emergency.


Systems are being created to ensure the most vulnerable in society are cared for while the emergency lasts. Social distancing is being emphasised and new testing centres are being set up.

Of course, there are many unknown factors - the foremost possibly the question: how long will this crisis last? No-one has an answer to that just yet but we do know that there is a long road ahead. The virus has triggered a crisis not seen in Ireland in living memory and no aspect of Irish life has gone unaffected.

For students - at all levels - the crisis has meant a radical departure from the normality of everyday life. Schools have been closed as have universities, colleges and institutes of technology.

Many students are engaged in distance learning but this might not be a possibility for everyone. There is a large question mark looming over the upcoming State examinations and the same applies to college exams.