Ireland 1 Canada 2: Vera Pauw’s side out of the World Cup with one group match to go

Katie McCabe scores early goal but Ireland cannot hang on in Perth


Katie McCabe: I’m heartbroken because we deserved so much more from the game. We took a lot of positives from that second half against Australia. We wanted to start with a lot of energy. I felt we did that, but it’s just about capitalising on those moments. It’s unfortunate the goal, with the deflection, it’s a sucker punch.

To captain these girls is an absolute honour and privilege. Young players like Larkin coming in, that’s the future of this team. We’ve done so much to get here, we know the level now, we’ve to push for more.

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Karen Duggan on RTÉ: I don’t think the changes were necessary [at half-time], you can’t blame personnel, I would have liked to see us keep the press on and keep disciplined. Obviously really proud of how they performed. It almost makes you wonder why we couldn’t play like that in the first game. It’s going to hurt tonight.

Vera Pauw: At the end of the first half, you have to keep everything tight. There was no cover, so they had a free cross. We felt like we controlled the game in the first half, we brought in Larkin for more variety but they stepped up. We played 15 minutes, 4-2-4, execution we did better before. We can proud of what we showed. But we’re out.


FULL-TIME: Canada 2 Ireland 1

Ireland are out of the World Cup! Disappointing. They just couldn’t live with the Canadians in the second half after a great first half performance. The killer blow was the goal conceded at the end of the first half. Ireland had all the momentum at that point and could not come back from it. Ireland have one game left against Nigeria but just for consolation now, as they cannot get out of the group. Vera Pauw’s team can be proud in their performance today, particularly in the first half.

The winning goal for Canada:

Here is the table:


95 mins: Riviere down with cramp, Ireland heading out of the World Cup as it stands. Allysha Chapman comes on. One last attack for Ireland. McCabe runs down the wing, a cross but cut out.


90 mins: The ball breaks to Lily Agg outside the box and she lets rip but her shot is straight at the keeper. McCabe plays into Louise Quinn who has gone into attack and falls to Sheva with the cross but straight into the keeper’s hands. Last chance saloon now. Five minutes stoppage time!


88 mins: Chance for Canada, Riviere finds Sinclair who mishits her shot and falls to Huitema but well defended by Fahey. The corner leads to a header by Huitema, easily saved by Brosnan. Connolly plays a nice ball to Atkinson but her cross goes nowhere. Canada counter, Lacasse runs through and tries to find Sinclair but a poor pass and Ireland survive.


86 mins: Poor pass by Fahey giving away the ball cheaply and Agg has to foul to avoid the counter. She makes up for it though with a good header out from a dangerous ball in by Fleming.


83 mins: McCabe turns Quinn with a lovely piece of dribbling but a rash shot from well outside the box but way over the bar. If Ireland score, you would think it’s through her.


79 mins: Great play by McCabe! Picks the ball on the right, beats three players and blasts at the goal and great block by the defender to knock it out for a corner. Her corner is punched away. She does not deserve to be on the losing team today.


73 mins: “Ole” rings out as the large Irish crowd tries to raise the Irish for one last push in the last 20 minutes. Sheva with some good covering on a Canadian counter attack, showing her pace. A foul throw by Sheva though gives away the ball in a mixed minute for her.


70 mins: Sheva plays a ball low into Barrett but she can’t control it with her first half-chance of the game. Another chance for Canada, a cross in for Lacasse, free header but she misses the target by a large margin.


67 mins: Cross into the box, Sinclair gets a free shot at goal but misses the target, a let off for Ireland.

Ireland subs - Barrett, Lily Agg and Izzy Atkinson are on for Littlejohn, Carusa and Farrelly. McCabe moves into a more advanced position.


64 mins: Great play by Ireland. McCabe passes to Littlejohn who backheels it back to McCabe who whips in the cross to Carusa, who gets in front of the keeper but she heads the ball well over. Need more of that to get that crucial equaliser. And here comes Amber Barrett!


61 mins: Ireland have no quite got a grip on this half yet, the changes for Canada have made a difference. Good chance for Sinclair in the box but her shot is straight at Brosnan who saves comfortably.


57 mins: More chances for Canada, another shot by Leon goes past Brosnan’s post. Canada’s Quinn starting to make an impact in the middle. Confusingly as well as Ireland having started two Quinns, Canada also have a player called Quinn, just Quinn, who is non-binary and has just one name.

Marissa Sheva comes on for Áine O’Gorman for Ireland. Canada goalscorer Leon comes off for Lacasse, who has just joined Arsenal, showing the quality that Canada have.


53 mins: Goal for Canada! Schmidt with a lovely ball into the box, Leon gets space and slots it past Brosnan. Disappointing. Canada are just finding the gaps in the defence now and causing the Irish defence a lot of problems. It’s a good finish by Leon but too much space given by the centre-backs, Katie McCabe was left the last player trying to block.


48 mins: Big save by Brosnan! Sinclair with a lovely ball into Huitema who blast it at the goal but a brilliant save by Brosnan, fingertips stuff. A let-off for Ireland a big moment again by Ireland’s goalkeeper for the big occasion.


Change to Ireland and Canada teams: Teenager Abbie Larkin on for Lucy Quinn... three changes for Canada - Sheline Zadorsky, Christine Sinclair and Sophie Schmidt on for Buchanan, Grosso and Viens.


HALF-TIME: Ireland 1 Canada 1

That could have been so much better. Against the run of play, the Canadians got the equaliser at the end of a half where Ireland were excellent. Katie McCabe’s goal to remember and she was a constant threat throughout. Great performances by Farrelly, Littlejohn and Carusa too. That was still one of Ireland’s best ever performances, they just need to bring it again for the second half after that sucker blow. Here’s the Canada goal:

Here is the Ireland goal:


45+9 mins: One last attack of the half for McCabe, running down the wing. She wins a throw-in but Quinn intercepts Farrelly and danger averted for the Canadians. Another attack for Canada and O’Gorman concedes a corner. Stoppage time dragging on. Corner played into Gilles, Brosnan misses the ball completely but Quinn with a brilliant header out to save the day.


45+4 mins: Goal for Canada! Oh no, what a sucker blow. Own goal by Megan Connolly. Grosso runs down the wing, cuts inside and crosses into the danger zone, Connolly tries to cut it out but her touch knocks it past Brosnan and into the corner. Harsh. So very harsh.


45 mins: Another good interception by Fahey and Lucy Quinn is hit in the face by Lawrence when she was on the counter. Strong defensive performance so far. Ireland are making it so tight in central areas, a super effort so far. Littlejohn releases Quinn on the right, she takes on Gilles but Gilles tackles it out for a throw-in. It leads to another corner for Ireland. Going for the inswinger again as the Irish team crowd the keeper... ball falls to Farrelly who pulls on it but well blocked by Buchanan, who goes down for treatment after a blow to the stomach. A heavy downpour now, very wet in Perth, but conditions Ireland will be happy to play in.


43 mins: Chance for Ireland! McCabe with a ball in behind and Carusa is a livewire again, wins the ball in the box and shoots from a narrow angle but straight at Sheridan.


41 mins: More pressure by Ireland wins a throw taken quickly by McCabe to Carusa who is very physical again but this time too far and it’s a free out. Another bad long ball by Canada goes straight out of play.


38 mins: Connolly’s free-kick causes some chaos in the box, it falls to Farrelly and a cheeky nutmeg! She’s been super on the ball today so far. Bringing order to the chaos with her ball control. The ball comes to Denise O’Sullivan outside the box, she shoots but well over the bar.


35 mins: Slight lull in the game but Ireland battling well, in particular Littlejohn who has turned over the ball a few times. Fahey with a strong challenge on Grosso but referee says it’s a fair shoulder charge. Ball goes down the wing through Huitema and she cuts it back but Littlejohn again is there for the rescue. Ball comes up the pitch and Buchanan thought she was on her own but Carusa was right in her face again and nicks the ball off her. Carusa is away and Buchanan cynically fouls for a yellow card.


29 mins: Big chance for Canada! Buchanan with a a great flick on from a cross into the box and Gilles gets her foot to it 8 yards out but hits it over the bar. It came after Fahey was almost beaten for pace on the byline and a Fleming’s corner was headed away by McCabe.


26 mins: O’Gorman and Quinn look dangerous on the right, O’Gorman finding space in behind the left-back with through balls. Here’s a funny one, McCabe’s goal had 0.0 xG. As in, she was given no chance to score by the metrics. But Katie McCabe always finds a way!


23 mins: Ireland switch up the corner, short and then a corner from a different angle, ball headed away and McCabe lashes at it outside the box but goes well wide to the left. Canada have more possession but then Leon hits a terrible cross way out of play. O’Gorman falls on the ball and loses her balance and falls to Huitema who tests Brosnan with Canada’s first decent attempt of the game.


20 mins: Great determination by Littlejohn in midfield wins a free-kick, good interception by Farrelly turns over the ball. Lovely touches by O’Sullivan and Farrelly almost create a chance. Confidence is high, whereas Canada are resorting to hopeful long balls. Carusa wins a corner as she chases down the centre-back. She’s been great today so far as a target woman.


17 mins: Spell of possession for Canada now but not making much ground and Quinn tries a cross from near the middle of the pitch, straight into Brosnan’s hands. Another cross by Riviere is straight into Brosnan again.


14 mins: More strong link-up play by Carusa, Farrelly plays into the box but headed away. Here is that magic moment again:


11 mins: O’Gorman with a good ball to McCabe who does not have the best touch but presses Buchanan and wins an attacking throw-in. Farrelly plays into Carusa who gives to O’Sullivan who gives to Fahey who lobs into the box. Carusa lays off to Farrelly who shoots into the corner and a great save by Sheridan. What a start by Ireland!


8 mins: Deadlock broken! Canada are stunned, Ireland have been positive so far and need to keep up the intent. McCabe still flying though. She goes on a long, driving run, running past two players and is tackled, calls for a penalty but would have been soft.


3 mins: Carusa wins a ball early as Ireland win a few second balls as “Ole, Ole” rings around the stadium. Carusa puts pressure on Buchanan and nearly steals the ball... then the ball goes own the wing from O’Gorman to Lucy Quinn and quick ball into Carusa who slides in but a good save by the Canadian keeper.

GOAL FOR IRELAND! Katie McCabe scores straight from the corner kick. Curled in and went over goalkeeper Sheridan’s head.

What a moment, Ireland’s first ever goal in the Women’s World Cup and it had to be captain and inspirational McCabe. Amazing start by Ireland.


Time for the national anthems.


Megan Connolly could be one way where Ireland break the deadlock against Canada, given her skilled set-piece prowess. Louise Lawless spoke to her before the game.

“I always practise free kicks. For years now, you know. I probably do about 100 and about three or four would go in. But that’s the thing, it’s just practise, practise, practise, knowing that if there is that moment in the game, that this could be the one that goes in.”

—  Megan Connolly


BREAKING NEWS: Late change to the Ireland line-up:

The revised teams:

Ireland: Courtney Brosnan; Áine O’Gorman, Louise Quinn, Niamh Fahey, Megan Connolly, Katie McCabe; Ruesha Littlejohn, Denise O’Sullivan, Lucy Quinn, Sinead Farrelly; Kyra Carusa

Canada: Kalien Sheridan; Jayde Riviere, Kadeisha Buchanan, Vanessa Gilles, Ashley Lawrence; Quinn, Julia Grosso Jessie Fleming; Adriana Leon, Evelyne Viens, Jordyn Huitema


Check out Joe Callaghan’s piece of how things are going for the Canadian national team and their issues with their federation. The country’s high-achieving team take on Ireland in the World Cup against a backdrop of turmoil involving Canada Soccer.

The crux of much of this turmoil and financial calamity centres on a controversial agreement CS signed in 2017 that handed over all sponsorship and broadcasting rights to a third party with the slightly preposterous title Canada Soccer Business (CSB). The deal guaranteed CS $3 million (€2.06 million) a year in revenue, but with both national teams soaring and a home World Cup approaching, those rights are now worth multiples of that. One local report suggested CSB may already be raking in $20 million in annual revenue.


Before Ireland v Canada, it’s time to settle the clash of the songs, writes Ed Power. Sweetlemondae’s Turn the World and Zrazy’s Come on Ireland will be blaring out today. Which is better? He judges on lyrics, catchiness, patriotism it invokes and the video quality. Check out who wins that battle according to Ed!


The teams are in:

News from Gavin Cummiskey in Perth: Ireland manager Vera Pauw threw the media off the selection scent by complimenting the impact Lucy Quinn made off the bench against Australia in Sydney last Thursday before adding “but you never know what you will get out of her.”

Pauw has included both Quinns in their starting XI to face Canada for this must-not-lose World Cup Group B showdown in Perth.

Lucy Quinn replaces Marissa Sheva in the roaming, left of midfield role while veteran defender Louise Quinn has shaken off a foot injury. Heather Payne continues at right wing back, despite a heavily strapped hamstring.

Quinn for Sheva is a logical call as the Washington Spirit player has struggled in possession since being first capped against China last February.

Both Abbie Larkin and Sheva can bring genuine athleticism off the bench against an ageing Canadian outfit.

Canada coach Bev Priestman has also sprung a surprise by dropping 40 year old Christine Sinclair, the Canucks captain and world record goal scorer (190 in 324 caps). Chelsea’s Jessie Flemming returns from injury and she will also wear the armband.

Ireland: Courtney Brosnan; Heather Payne, Louise Quinn, Niamh Fahey, Megan Connolly, Katie McCabe; Ruesha Littlejohn, Denise O’Sullivan, Lucy Quinn, Sinead Farrelly; Kyra Carusa

Canada: Kalien Sheridan; Jayde Riviere, Kadeisha Buchanan, Vanessa Gilles, Ashley Lawrence; Quinn, Julia Grosso Jessie Fleming; Adriana Leon, Evelyne Viens, Jordyn Huitema


Earlier today, Spain underlined their credentials as pre-tournament favourites when they became one of the first teams to seal qualification for the Women’s World Cup knockouts with a 5-0 win over Zambia in their second Group C encounter. Meanwhile, two goals in two first-half minutes gave Japan a 2-0 win over Costa Rica at Dunedin Stadium on Wednesday also secured the 2011 champions a spot in the knockout rounds.


What is the situation in the group?

Ireland lost their first game of the group against Australia, a penalty by Steph Catley after Marissa Sheva fouled Hayley Raso in the box giving the Aussies the victory on home soil. Nigeria drew 0-0 with Canada in the other game in the group, leaving the table looking like this:

If Ireland lose to Canada, then they will be out of the World Cup if Australia avoid defeat against Nigeria, who are playing on Thursday in Brisbane. If Ireland draw with Canada, then a victory over Nigeria in the last group game would give them a chance of qualifying for the last 16, depending on other results. If Ireland beat Canada, then they will put themselves in a strong position in the group before the final game.


Hello and welcome to live coverage of Ireland’s game against Canada in the Women’s World Cup Group B, Ireland’s second game of the group. The first one did not go to plan, with Ireland falling to defeat against the hosts Australia by a single goal. The result puts pressure on this one. Ireland simply can’t afford to lose, a draw is a must and a victory would be nice. But it will not be an easy task against Olympic champions Canada, who are ranked seventh in the Fifa rankings.

Ireland have been boosted by news that defender Louise Quinn is available after coming through training. Manager Vera Pauw had been concerned about a foot injury suffered by Irish centre back and she will be key to stopping the talented Canadians. “We are a bit concerned, we think that she can play but we are always honest also. She is going to train and we will see how far she gets,” said Pauw. Canada’s star midfielder Jessie Fleming is expected to be back in the starting line-up after missing the first game through injury and will be one to watch out for.

Kickoff at Perth Rectangular Stadium is at 1pm Irish time.