Croatia knock Brazil out on penalties, as it happened

Follow all the action as Neymar’s Brazil pack their bags despite taking the lead in extra-time



Goal Neymar (105+1 mins) - Croatia 0 Brazil 1

Goal Petkovic (117 mins) - Croatia 1 Brazil 1

Croatia win on penalties


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Livakovic will take plenty of plaudits, deservedly so, but how good was his defence in front of him?


Here are the final two penalties, including Marquinhos’ fateful miss.



Those stats are worth looking at. Brazil had 19 shots, 10 on target. Minus the goal, that means Livakovic made nine saves. Croatia had only eight shots - EIGHT - with just the one on target, Petkovic’s equaliser. What a mad game.




Oh my goodness. Brazil were home and hosed, they had the game wrapped up with Neymar’s goal in extra-time but they let Croatia come back at them.

Livakovic in goal was once again their hero. Petkovic got the equaliser with just three minutes to go, but the ‘keeper was immense all game, making more saves than Croatia had shots while pulling out another penalty stop in the shootout. What a game, heartbreak for Brazil as the favourites for many are out.



Livakovic went the wrong way but Marquinhos couldn’t find the target. Neymar would have been down to take the last penalty but it never got to him. Croatia, who only had one shot on target the whole game, are through to the World Cup semi-finals.


Orsic, the man with the assist for the equaliser... IN THE BOTTOM CORNER! What a penalty, passed Alisson who went the right way.

Croatia 4 Brazil 2


Pedro steps up next. In his fourth game for his country he’s scored! He throws in a stutter-step but sends Livakovic the wrong way.

Croatia 3 Brazil 2


It’s Modric time... Sends Alisson the wrong way. Pure class from the Real Madrid man.

Croatia 3 Brazil 1


What a penalty from Casemiro. Livakovic guesses the right way but it’s too powerful as it nestles in the bottom corner.

Croatia 2 Brazil 1


Majer is next for Croatia. Down the middle again! Croatia are two from two. Alisso nearly got a leg to it but it hits the back of the net.

Croatia 2 Brazil 0


Rodrygo steps up for Brazil. SAVED! Livakovic saves yet another penalty for Croatia! It was a nice height for him diving to his left.

Croatia 1 Brazil 0


Right then, here we go. Vlasic first up for Croatia... He’s scored! Powerful effort straight down the middle.

Croatia 1 Brazil 0


While we wait, here’s that equaliser. The Croatian substitutes Orsic and Petkovic combining to save their tournament... for now.


Full-time in extra-time: Croatia 1 Brazil 1

Penalties await. Croatia had a slice of luck with a deflection, but they get the reward for their willingness to keep going after falling behind.

Let’s not forget, Alisson in the Brazilian goal isn’t normally on shootout duty - Cork man Caoimhín Kelleher is their cup man!

Down the other end, Livakovic saved three last week vs Japan and has been in stunning form today.


120+2 mins: SAVE! Livakovic has bailed Croatia out of trouble yet again. THis time a free-kick falls to Casemiro at the far post but his volley hits the ‘keeper.


Two minutes of added time for someone to score if we are to avoid penalties.


117 mins: With less than three minutes to go, Croatia have levelled! It’s their first shot on target in THE ENTIRE MATCH! There is space on the left hand side for Orsic, he pulls it back to the edge of the box where Petkovic pulls the trigger. It takes a big deflection of Marquinhos, a cruel one that takes the ball past Alisson into the bottom corner. Looks like we’re heading to penalties!




115 mins: Neymar is taking this game over. Quick footwork up the pitch sees him hold onto the ball and eat into the clock with a free-kick once a Croatian boot clips his heel.


113 mins: Strong defence from Antony as a shoulder works Perisic off the ball, earning a Brazil goal kick in the process. Croatia make another change, Brozovic off, wide man Orsic on.


That goal saw Neymar equal the great man atop Brazil’s goal scoring charts.


110 mins: Croatia have a golden chance to get the ball into the box with a corner but make a mess of it, playing with a short corner and wasting things with a poor ball in.


Croatia are bringing on Budimir, a striker, for Sosa, the left-back.


109 mins: Brilliant ball in from Perisic, it’s begging for a head on it but Vlasic just can’t get anything on it at the top of his jump. Croatia are piling on the pressure here in search of an equaliser.


106 mins: Right then, 15 minutes to go as the second half gets underway. Croatia have to find something to stay in the tournament. Modric whips a free-kick into the box but Silva rises high to clear.


That goal looks to have deflated Croatia completely. They have 15 minutes to work their way back into this and try and force penalties. They did deserve it, Brazil. They dominated possession, albeit the best chance of the first half did fall to Brazovic.


Half-time in extra-time: Croatia 0 Brazil 1


105+1 mins: In stoppage time, Neymar has finally broken Croatia. He starts with the ball 30 yards out. He plays two one-twos back-to-back to cut open the defence and force his way past Sosa to finish from close range. It would have been a foul if he went down in the challenge from Sosa. What a goal. Neymar steps up at the crucial moment.




104 mins: Antony isn’t making many friends down his flank. After having words with Sosa earlier, now Perisic gets a verbal volley, forcing referee Michael Oliver to step in.


102 mins: Kovacic drives into the box with a strong run on a rare Croatian foray forward. Silva comes up with the tackle when Brazil needed him. Petkovic does brilliantly moments later on the break, running through two defenders before rolling it in front of Brozovic. He has acres of space on the edge of the box but can only blast it over. What a chance.


101 mins: Ambitious and acrobatic from Pedro. He tries a bicycle kick from the cross, but can only mishit it into the ground. It bounces up gently into Livakovic’s arms.


99 mins: Close! Rodrygo whips one in towards the back post, looking for the run of Pedro. He gets close to it, stretching out to try and get a touch but Sosa does enough to get in the way and shepherd the ball out for a goal kick.


97 mins: This time Danilo’s cross is a better one as Sosa has to clear. It’s a good recovery from the full-back after Antony’s fast turn put him on his backside earlier in the move.


95 mins: Danilo finds space down the left. Paqueta finds him but the cross is poor, sailing over everyone and out for a goal kick.


92 mins: Pedro gets a dangerous flick on a Neymar corner at the near post. There’s no one in the middle of the box for Brazil to capitalise, though.


91 mins: Right then, here we are, another half-an-hour of football to come, at least. This is Croatia’s second game in a row that has gone to extra-time, will that have an effect?


Unsurprisingly, Brazil dominated on xG.


Full-time: Croatia 0 Brazil 0

Brazil cannot find the breakthrough. Livakovic has made a series of excellent saves but his defenders in front of him have shown an incredible ability to drop rapidly back into shape and disrupt attack after attack. They looked happy to settle for extra-time with about 20 minutes to go as they completely dropped off. They’d take penalties right now you’d think.


90+2 mins: Brazil are really struggling for any opening. Croatia have plenty of bodies behind the ball, forcing Casemiro into a pair of long balls that are easily cut out. Looks like we’re destined for extra-time.


Four minutes of added time.


90 mins: Neymar dinks a ball over the top looking for the ball of Pedro. He would be in on goal but Lovren reacts well to cut it out. Croatia are holding on here.


88 mins: Croatia manage to work the ball up the pitch, up to Petkovic who has space to shoot. He looks to apply the finishing touch but Danilo picks his pocket just at the last minute. Story of Croatia’s day, they’ve had the ability to move the ball well but no quality with the end product.



86 mins: CHANCE! Militao has two chances to pull the trigger inside the box but both are blocked. The second leads to a corner which is cleared at the front post.


85 mins: Croatia’s press has Brazil under pressure inside their own box. Alisson is forced into a rushed clearance and Perisic will be able to feed Sosa as a result. He overruns the ball and Brazil break...


83 mins: Richarlison gets a rare chance after Casemiro’s cross into the box. The Spurs man wins the race to the ball in the air but can only send his header over the bar.

That’s Richarlison’s last act. He’s off, Pedro is on for just his fourth cap.



80 mins: Another save! This one was much easier. Antony looked to be fouled but play continues as Militao finds Rodrygo. He lays it back to the edge of the box where Paqueta launches a powerful shot, but straight at Livakovic.


76 mins: SAVE! He’s done it again. Neymar with the run in behind, one-on-one with the ‘keeper, Livakovic saves and gives up a corner. What a game he is having.



72 mins: Now Croatia make some changes. Kramaric and Pasalic make way, two forward men coming off. Vlasic and Petkovic take their place.


68 mins: Yellow for Casemiro. Cynical as he pulls his man back on the counter.


66 mins: SAVE! The ball pin-balls around the area, falling at the feet of Paqueta who volleys from 10 yards out. Livakovic is off his line and does well to make himself big, getting his body in the way. He’s been excellent in the Croatia goal in this second half.


Big change for Brazil. Rodrygo is on for Vinicius Jr. It’s a big call to take him off but he has been very quiet.


62 mins: Now Croatia are starting to work down the left to go with their threat on the opposite flank. Perisic picks up a wider position to whip a low ball across but it’s an easy gather for Alisson.


Livakovic has been a lot busier in this second half.


59 mins: Now Croatia are shouting for a handball after Juranovic’s pass is blocked on the edge of the area. Nothing from the officials.


55 mins: SAVE! Livakovic thwarts Brazil again. Neymar makes the run in behind, taking advantage of a good ball from Richarlison. The PSG man lets fly inside the box but the ‘keeper sticks out a boot to deny him. Meanwhile Brazil make a change, Antony is on for Raphina.


53 mins: Croatia aren’t going away here. Another break from Juranovic driving forward leads to a ball across to Perisic. He cuts inside before trying to pick out a runner but he’s overhit his cross.


50 mins: It’s opening up now. Croatia win a corner after a blocked Modric shot and then Perisic finds space at the back post. To no end, though, he’s also offside.


47 mins: HOW HAVE BRAZIL NOT SCORED? Two blocked shots inside the box, one from Neymar, the other from Vinicius, and Croatia somehow survive. Brazil are screaming for a handball, we’ll see if VAR intervenes... No VAR. Vinicius was offside. What a series of chances that was.


46 mins: Second half is underway. Richarlison and Brazil get the second 45 going. Casemiro goes on a run from midfield but is dispossessed shy of the Croatia box.


Juranovic has been outstanding for Croatia. From dealing well with Vinicius to bombing forward and offering a threat down the right, he has been absolutely everywhere. Those in front of him haven’t been able to take advantage of his work-rate to get quality balls into the box.


An uneventful first 45 minutes. Croatia started well, muffling Vinicius and finding space for Juranovic down the right to challenge Brazil, albeit without creating any real chances.

Brazil responded with Neymar dropping deeper to work a few shooting opportunities but Livakovic hasn’t really been tested. A half with plenty of endeavour down the flanks from both sides but lacking quality in the final third.


Half-time: Croatia 0 Brazil 0


Just the one minute of added time.


42 mins: CHANCE! Neymar shoots from an angle from the free-kick. It takes a deflection off the wall but Livakovic is able to adjust and still make a comfortable save.


41 mins: Neymar nearly skips by Pasalic but a late toe stops him from running into the box. Vinicius Jr is fouled moments later right on the edge of the box. Chance here for Brazil...


Danilo saw yellow earlier on for a high boot on Juranovic. Some are saying he was fortunate not to see red. He did make glancing contact with his face...


36 mins: Lovren smothers Richarlison as he goes hunting for that ball into the box. He’s been quiet so far - Lovren has done a good job in marking him out of the game.


32 mins: Ouch. Modric takes a knee in the ribs from Paquetta while already tumbling under the challenge from Militao. This time Michael Oliver keeps his cards in his pocket.


30 mins: Chance wasted by Perisic. He initially does very well to dance inside Militao, cutting in onto his right. He has space for a shot but he blazes it over - should have worked the ‘keeper at least. Down the other end, Neymar has his jersey pulled by Brozovic on the counter and the Croatian earns a card.


29 mins: Now Croatia give away a foul in a dangerous area as Brozovic bumps Vinicius off the ball. In keeping with the first half an hour, the ball in from the set-piece is poor and easily dealt with.



25 mins: Danilo gets a yellow card. He’s caught by a ball over the top which picks out Juranovic and takes him out with a high boot. Easy decision for the referee. Modric stands over the free-kick from out wide but it’s headed clear.


23 mins: Brazil have definitely gone up a gear. This time it’s Casemiro who works the space for the shot, seeing it deflected behind for a corner. Raphina takes it but Perisic is at the near post to head clear.


20 mins: That’s better from Brazil. A one-two works a chance for Richarlison which is blocked by Sosa, then Neymar tries to pick out the bottom corner only to see his effort blocked too.


18 mins: Croatia look solid. To go with their threat down the right, Sosa has the measure of Raphina on the opposite flank as he snuffs out another attack. Modric takes the ball forward on the break, Juranovic again has space out wide. Vinicius Jr really needs to start tracking back. Paquetta clears the cross.


15 mins: Croatia are having plenty of joy down the right. The press forces a mistake from Casemiro before Modric sticks in the ball from wide, Perisic again the target. This time Brazil can clear before it gets to him.


13 mins: Closest either side have come to a chance. Juranovic has the freedom of Qatar down the right, no chance of Vinicius tracking back, driving forward before feeding Pasalic. He fizzes a dangerous ball across the box where Perisic gets a touch but the connection is poor as it sails well wide. Should have done better.


11 mins: With no luck down the left, Vinicius Jr comes infield looking for work. On the edge of the box, he takes the lay-off from Neymar looking to pull the trigger but Brozovic slides in well to clear the danger.


9 mins: Juranovic is dealing with Vinicius Jr well so far down the Brazil left flank. This time he slides in to prevent the break after Neymar tried to lay it off.


6 mins: Militao clearly clips Sosa’s heels as he looks to pass but play continues. The ball balloons out of play for a Brazli throw, baffling decision not to give the foul.


4 mins: Danilo’s long ball is a beauty that arcs over the defence and picks out Vinicius Jr. Croatia recover well, Juranovic forcing him backwards before other pressure leads to Brazil passing back into their own half. First real attack of note from Brazil.


3 mins: Croatia earn an early free-kick and a chance for Modric to cross. Casemiro rises tall to clear, Brazil are setting the tone defensively in the opening minutes.


1 min: We are underway! Croatia start things off. It is absolutely rocking as the Brazil defence breaks up an early attack, allowing Casemiro and Neymar to get on the ball early in midfield.


Right then, we’re gearing up towards kick-off here. The teams are out and it’s time for the anthems. Two generational talents - Modric and Neymar - going up against each other. Can Croatia stifle Brazil’s flowing attack? We’re about to find out.


Then there is this from Tom Collins in Boa Vista. They’ve made headlines with their dancing celebrations. Roy Keane amongst other pundits has not been too impressed with that, here’s what they think of him over in Brazil.


Right then, what have we got for you in terms of pre-match reading? Well first up, there was this bizarre incident from a recent Brazil press conference. Their press officer took issue with a stray cat in the room and has roundly been criticised for the way he threw it off the desk.


Another few stats for you. The difference between the Richarlison Spurs have seen this season and the one who lines out for Brazil is amazing. He turns into a different beast when he pulls on that iconic yellow jersey.


Stat time:


Here’s how Croatia line up. They make two changes to the side that beat Japan on penalties. Mario Pasalic makes his first start of the tournament on the right of the attacking trio, Borna Sosa comes in at left-back. Good luck against that Brazil attack. Petkovic and Barisic are the ones to drop out.


Here are today’s teams. First up it’s Brazil.

No surprises with the front three, the dynamic trio of Neymar, Vinicius Jr and Richarlison stays intact. Interestingly, Paqueta plays instead of Fred in midfield. That was probably the only uncertainty in selection and the call depended on if Tite wanted a more attacking option in there. He’s gone with Paqueta, which would suggest he wants a touch more defensive solidity going up against Modric et al.


It’s back. After two days where we didn’t know what to do with ourselves, World Cup action returns with Croatia taking on Brazil.

Nathan Johns here to guide you through all the action from today’s early kick-off. Get in touch on Twitter with your thoughts (@nathanrjohns) but for now let’s start building up to the 3pm kick-off.