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Time to get personal

When it comes to gifting, personal grooming ideas are top of everyone’s party-ready list

Smile its party season. With events in full swing, we all want to look our best, whether it’s for getting fun and festive snaps with all the family and friends or catching the eye of someone special across a crowded room it starts with how you look and feel.

A winning smile will always turn heads and make sure you’re the centre of attention. Your smile is the first thing someone notices about you. Smart oral hygiene is a really simple way to boost your confidence when working the room. A clean mouth feels fresh in a way little else can deliver.

“Start with a good mouthwash and use a sonic electric toothbrush for maximum results”, says Dr Vanessa Creaven, dentist, and the co-founder of home-grown brand Spotlight Oral Care. “It is the closest thing to a professional clean at home,” she says and recommends using “it twice a day and it will help to remove tartar and plaque build-ups and staining.”

She advocates that oral care should be treated as you do a skincare regimen. “Daily and weekly changes to such habits will make a far greater difference than one-off treatments.”


But if you really want to catch someone’s eye then drop hints about the brand’s professional LED teeth-whitening kits. The 10-day programme will deliver results after five days and will banish coffee, tea and red wine stains, without ever having to visit the dentist.

While practical, such self-care gifts are part of modern grooming regimes, she says. “It’s nice to invest in your smile.

“When it comes to all things personal, people spend significantly more in the month of December”, says Clare McGinty, product and marketing manager of small appliances at Harvey Norman.

“This is in preparation for the parties they want to show up to feeling and looking their best and of course, gifts for friends and family. The personal care market in Ireland is over €27million with a lot of new categories not yet tracked on a national level.”

She says Harvey Norman is the premium retail destination for all things hair. “With the right grooming tech, you can give yourself glossy, salon-look locks. This season is all about curls and Dyson is the gold standard. Its Airwrap multi-styler, costs from €549; the Supersonic hairdryer, which is designed not to overheat the hair, costs from €399 and its Corrale hair-straightener, from €449, are all major hits with last-minute partners looking for gift inspiration, especially when it comes to such premium products.”

These tools come in new, limited edition colours every season. This yuletide it’s vinca blue, a periwinkle hue that has rose gold detailing.

“A really good mid-price alternative that delivers soft curls; Mermade’s Style Wand, which costs €125,” says McGinty.

For those who prefer a smooth finish, the Lumea is a very simple and effective way to remove unwanted hair. “It works best on those with light-coloured skin and dark hair and can deliver smoother skin in 12-weeks and regrowth isn’t as evident either.” It costs €499.

The beard still reigns supreme but is now more manicured in look, so a multi-groomer is a great device to give one of the men in your life. “As well as hair clipping, ear, nose and beard trimming and contouring it can also address body hair maintenance or manscaping elsewhere. It tends to be a partner present, or sisters buying for a brother they hope to style into shape,” says McGinty. Philips Series 5000 kit costs €63.95, while Remington G4 Graphite series gives clean shaven edging and the option of grooming on the go. It costs from €49.95.

The fitness fan in your life will welcome a massage gun. “It will also appeal to those in GAA clubs, those who play five-aside or those training for a marathon,” McGinty says.

“While it’s great for removing muscle knots, massage brand Therabody have a smart app you can download that demonstrates routines and durations to use throughout the body from the neck down. It can help to relax and wind down at the end of the day and may possibly aid sleep.”

The Theragun Elite has an ergonomic multi-grip handle allowing for the device to be held in many ways without putting strain on your hands, wrists, and arms, and comes with four additional attachments for tailored use. It costs €399. While the Homedics Prophysio PGM-1000 has six attachments as well as heat relief and gel cooling options. It retails for €289. Entry level prices start from €99.95 for a Lola massage gun, which is aimed at those on the go.

For these and other wonderful gifting options for loved ones visit any Harvey Norman store nationwide or shop online at Harveynorman.ie