First impressions count: nine tips for a classy front of house makeover

Sort It: The front of your home is the prologue to the story that unfolds inside

Your home’s facade is your billboard, broadcasting your style to the world. It’s the first impression of your home to visitors, passersby and potential buyers. So why let it be ordinary when it can be extraordinary?

Front door

The journey to your home begins at the front door. An impressive front door can transform the entire facade of your home. If your door is showing signs of age, consider replacing it. This upgrade will not only uplift your home’s aesthetics but also enhance security and insulation. If you’re looking for a quick fix or are working to a budget, a fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate your door. Make a statement with rich blues, vibrant pinks or even energetic turquoise.

To add an extra layer of interest, consider choosing a different colour for your door frame. Contrasting colours can add visual appeal. However, choose colours that harmonise with each other to avoid an overwhelming, busy look. For instance, a royal blue door could be framed beautifully with a soft, pastel blue.

Pretty paving

Your journey from the gate to the door should be memorable. Envision a striking tile or stone pathway to create this experience. Natural stone slabs overlaid on your steps can add a chic, sustainable touch. If you’re lucky enough to have a front path, let your interior style extend outdoors by running the same floor tiles from inside to outside. Choose something patterned or dramatic and run it from your hallway to your front garden, creating a seamless elegance.


Combine task and ambient lighting for an inviting glow, illuminating the path to your door

Door furniture

But let’s not stop at the door and pathway. Upgrade your door furniture such as the door knocker, letterbox and house numbers. Let these details reflect your style, whether that’s vintage brass, timeless chrome or contemporary matt black. And if they’re looking a bit tired, refinishing can be a cost-effective way to bring them back to life. Or, for a personalised touch, consider a hand-painted house sign that matches your front door.


Don’t forget about lighting. Well-thought-out lighting brings practical benefits and makes your home more welcoming. Combine task and ambient lighting for an inviting glow, illuminating the path to your door and accentuating your home’s architectural details or well-manicured flower beds.


If you’re thinking of painting your home’s exterior, select a colour that harmonises with your surroundings and amplifies your home’s architectural features. Soft, diffused light in Ireland can make yellows and peach tones appear jarring. Opt for earthy hues with a hint of green or off-white, sandy tones and buff shades.

Like your door, your windows significantly contribute to your home’s kerb appeal and energy efficiency. The style and location of your home should inspire the colours of your windows and doors. Classic white or cream might be a perfect choice for a traditional Irish cottage. For modern homes, bolder colours such as dark grey or black may enhance the facade. Also, take inspiration from your surroundings. If you live near the coast, light blue or green can mirror the beauty of the sea.


Nothing transforms the look of your home like plants and greenery. Mature trees and diverse plants not only soften the facade but also offer privacy and pleasant views from within. Large pots or window boxes with seasonal blooms can add vibrant touches if space is limited. Be creative with the plants you choose, but consider consulting a professional to understand the best plants suitable for your home’s orientation and exposure.


For cycling enthusiasts, bike storage in the front exterior can be a savvy solution. Choose a design that integrates with your property’s style, a straightforward shed or a sophisticated storage unit that preserves the home’s kerb appeal. You can enhance the visual appeal by incorporating planter beds or a sedum roof on these storage units, making them a green feature in your exterior layout.

Bin storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore. With a thoughtful design, it can go from being a necessary evil to a tasteful addition to your property. Construct an attractive storage space that synchronises with your home’s exterior. Consider a design that doubles as bike storage, or use the space as an opportunity to introduce more greenery. Adding plants on the roof is a charming touch that distracts from the storage’s primary purpose.


More and more homeowners are embracing the future and considering adding an electric charging point to their exterior revamp. This installation offers practical benefits for electric vehicle owners.

Neat and tidy

Lastly, maintaining a neat and tidy front garden is paramount. Regularly clean stone surfaces and paths with a power hose, repair a cracked doorstep if necessary and greet your guests with a fresh, welcoming doormat.

Remember, the front of your home is the prologue to the story that unfolds inside. Make it inviting, make it engaging, and most importantly, make it a reflection of you.