Sali Hughes: ‘I just think people need to get over themselves about botox’

Everything is Washable and other life lessons

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Sali Hughes spoke to Róisín Ingle on The Women's Podcast about her new book Everything is Washable. Photograph courtesy of Harper Collins

“People need to get over themselves about botox,” Guardian beauty editor Sali Hughes says in a wide-ranging conversation on the latest episode of The Women’s Podcast.

Discussing her new book Everything is Washable - a smart bible for modern living - she says she has Botox regularly and has no qualms about the treatment.

“If you do [Botox] safely with a reputable practitioner, and you do your due diligence, why not?” the journalist and author told podcast host Róisín Ingle. “The idea that it’s some sort of terrible failing and letting the side down is just absolutely absurd.”

She pointed out that people who get highlights in their hair or avail of teeth whitening procedures tend to evade criticism but “for some reason there’s this very strange, sneery weirdness about botox. I wanted to write about that … and give anyone who’s worried about it permission to do what they want with their face, and to tell people get over themselves”.


Her latest book Everything is Washable contains the accumulated knowledge of a lifetime. Having run away from her home in Wales to London the age of 14, Hughes had a lot of growing up to do, and fast. As the person in her friend group who often dispensed advice on everything from sofa-buying to tricky parenting issues, she wrote the book to share what she’s learned about life, domesticity, relationships and everything in between.

Whether she is espousing the benefits of always having WD40 nearby, dispensing tips on making the perfect risotto or explaining the importance of talking to your children about porn the book is full of tips for living well.

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Everything Is Washable by Sali Hughes is out now.