Sunak’s doomed gamble and anger at Fianna Fáil’s European election launch

Plus, what powers will Ireland’s first directly elected mayor have in Limerick?

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Hugh Linehan is joined by Pat Leahy and Cormac McQuinn to discuss the week in politics:

· Rishi Sunak’s decision on Wednesday to announce a snap election for July 4th, four months earlier than predicted, caught everyone off guard. Will it prove to be a gamble worth taking?

· Cormac was present at Fianna Fáil’s European election launch this morning where tensions boiled over as Senator Niall Blaney got into a public disagreement with Fianna Fáil leader, Tánaiste Micheál Martin, over the level of support he was getting from the party amid their three-candidate strategy in the Midlands North-West constituency.

· And on Friday, June 7th – the same day voters across the country will elect representatives to local councils and the European Parliament – the people of Limerick will decide who will be the country’s first directly elected mayor. But what powers will the successful candidate have to go with their €154,000 salary?


And the panel pick their favourite Irish Times pieces of the week:

· Laura Slattery writes about “king of the airwaves” Pat Kenny.

· The passing of Ireland’s first business superstar, Tony O’Reilly.

· Pedestrians best be on their guard against the quiet threat of electric vehicles as outlined by Shauna Bowers.