The Canadian author on conspiracies, climate and the 'personal brand'

Listen | 44:37

Canadian academic and author Naomi Klein talks to Hugh Linehan on today’s episode of the Inside Politics podcast.

Klein shot to fame with her first book, No Logo, which offered an acute critique of how powerful corporations in the 1990s had profited off exploitation in a globalizing world.

Her later books have examined a range of subjects including crisis capitalism, militarism, and the climate crisis.

In her new book Doppelganger, Klein uses the fact that she is commonly confused online for a very different writer, Naomi Wolf, who has called Covid-19 vaccine programmes ‘mass murder’, as a device to explore modern themes including online identity, conspiracy theories and the 21st Century supremacy of the ‘personal brand’.


On the podcast they also discuss the emergence of climate issues as a major political and cultural battleground.