Paschal Donohoe holds the line - but won’t yet say where the line is

The Minister on pre-Budget kites, corporation tax wobbles and why Fine Gael isn’t ready to give up governing

Listen | 44:23

October 10th is Budget Day, so politicians and lobbyists are now making their cases for extra spending and tax cuts in 2024.

Ireland is forecast to run a surplus of over €10 billion next year, leaving lots of room to manoeuvre and plenty of big decisions in the hands of Minister for Finance Michael McGrath and Minister for Public Expenditure Paschal Donohoe.

On today’s podcast, Mr Donohoe joins Hugh Linehan and Pat Leahy to discuss his approach to Budget 2024.

Of specific measures, the Minister gives little away. But he does provide an insight into his thinking about the balancing act that must be struck.


They also discuss the risk posed to stability by unpredictable corporate tax receipts, the future for RTÉ and whether Fine Gael still has something to offer in government beyond the next election.

And Mr Donohoe takes the opportunity to criticise Pat’s argument that the Government is short on ideas.