Inside Politics podcast: The growing influence of online gurus

Author and journalist Helen Lewis examined the phenomenon in a recent BBC series

Listen | 42:20

Struggling in your job, your mental health or your relationships?

Online you can find a growing number of self-declared experts - usually men - who claim to have the answers to life’s problems.

And some, like Canadian academic Jordan Peterson and former comedian Russell Brand, have attracted millions of devoted followers with their promise to reveal the true nature of the world and explore supposedly taboo subjects.

Author and journalist Helen Lewis has examined the phenomenon on her BBC podcast series “The New Gurus”.


She returns to the Inside Politics podcast to talk about these magnetic male sages and their growing impact on the outlook - and political views - of millions of people worldwide.

How much of it is a grift? And how much influence do the new gurus really have?

You can listen to The New Gurus on BBC Sounds.