Eviction ban, congestion charges and the state’s inability to look around corners

Moratorium and motorist levy threaten to destabilise coalition

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Eviction ban DOB

One issue has dominated the agenda on what was an already busy week for politics. The decision to lift the eviction ban was a shock reversal of what was expected from Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, according to Jack Horgan-Jones. The maelstrom of personal stories from worried renters gives the opposition an easily-understood attack line from now until the next election.

Coalition tensions are also mounting over plans to reduce private car usage, with Green ambitions to introduce congestion charges. Not only do the divisive issues have the power to destabilise the coalition, but they also prompt Hugh Linehan to ask why the government can’t seem to look around corners. From the moratorium to the climate crisis, from drone activity at Dublin Airport to stalled offshore wind farms, it “suggests the state can’t deal with the scale of the projects it takes on, and is failing.”

Cormac McQuinn also highlights the potential minefield for the government if it opts for holding three referendums relating to gender equality in November.

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