‘A pretty bruising contest’: SNP leadership race uncovers cracks within the party

Who will become Scotland’s next First Minister?

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The contest to replace Nicola Sturgeon has been heating up over the last number of weeks, as the three candidates vying for the position have clashed over policy issues and the future of the party.

The first leadership contest in 20 years; it’s generally believed to be a two-horse race between current Health Secretary Humza Yousaf and Finance Secretary Kate Forbes, with former Minister for Community Safety Ash Regan, trailing behind in popularity.

Polls will close at noon on Monday.

So what can we expect from the final days of the contest, will the next leader unite or divide the SNP and how will the emerging cracks be covered over?


To discuss all this and more, Hugh is joined by Scotland Editor of The Spectator Alex Massie and London Correspondent Mark Paul who is following the contest from Edinburgh.