Why did Bank of Ireland shares plummet despite record profits?

Plus, the factors driving high levels of commercial property vacancies nationally

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Bank of Ireland were in the strange position on Monday of reporting pre-tax profits of €1.94bn for 2023, up from €1bn in 2022, but seeing their share price plunge by over 10pc. There was also the announcement of a €1.15bn of dividends and share buybacks.

To make sense of Bank of Ireland’s latest results, along with some insight into what this year is likely to have in store for the three main banks here, host Ciarán Hancock was joined by Irish Times Markets Correspondent Joe Brennan and Financials Analyst at Goodbody, John Cronin.

Also on this week’s episode, Director & Head of Research at BNP Paribas John McCartney was in studio to break down the latest data on commercial property vacancy rates and why they are hitting record levels.

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