Germany in recession: What does it mean for Ireland and the EU?

Plus, why are tech companies continuing to lay off staff here?

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It was not good news for Europe’s largest economy on Monday when the Bundesbank announced during its regular monthly report that Germany was officially in recession. A range of factors, including weak external demand and cautious consumers, have contributed to the fourth straight quarter of zero or negative growth.

But what does a German recession mean for the euro zone and Ireland? And are there any indications of when Germany’s economy will likely turn a corner? Host Ciarán Hancock is joined by Cliff Taylor and Irish Times Berlin Correspondent Derek Scally.

In the second half of this episode, we look at video-sharing platform TikTok’s restructuring plan that could see a few hundred of its workforce here being impacted. Irish Times technology journalist Ciara O’Brien gives some insight into why restructuring and layoffs has become a common theme in the tech sector over the last 18 months.

Produced by John Casey with JJ Vernon on sound.