‘A danger to national security’ - the drive to ban TikTok in the US

Plus, the reasons behind Bitcoin’s remarkable recovery

Listen | 25:48

It feels like recent history repeating itself with TikTok again facing a ban in the US on national security grounds. A Bill passed through the House of Representatives last week requiring a change in ownership for the social media platform or it would face a total ban in the United States.

What if the ban becomes a reality? Host Laura Slattery is joined by Irish Times technology expert Ciara O’Brien to discuss the potential consequences for the hugely popular app that currently has 170 million active US users.

Also on this episode, we hear how Bitcoin has rebounded from the cryptocurrency implosion of 2022 to approach near record market value. What are the factors driving its resurgence and is it likely to last? Irish Times business reporter Ian Curran has the details.

Produced by John Casey with JJ Vernon on sound.