From Robbie Williams to the Beckhams: Patrick Freyne on celebrity documentaries

2023 was the year of the PR-driven celebrity documentary

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If you spent far too much time this year watching Robbie Williams sitting on a bed in his underpants unpicking his life, or tried to do the Beckham’s loved-up dance in the kitchen, you’re not alone: celebrity documentaries made big news this year with Netflix leading the way. They included Pamela, a Love Story (Anderson), Arnold (Schwarzenegger), and Sly (Stallone) all on Netlix as well as documentaries on other streamers such as the Michael J Fox film, Still, on Apple TV+. But as they are made in co-operation with their starry subjects, are these films worthwhile looks behind the scenes or simply PR-driven vehicles? Patrick Freyne who writes a weekly Irish Times column on TV give his take. Presented by Bernice Harrison. Produced by John Casey.

Bernice Harrison

Bernice Harrison

Bernice Harrison is an Irish Times journalist and cohost of In the News podcast