RTÉ and accountability

An impossible task?

Sir, – Justine McCarthy’s defence of Minister for Media Catherine Martin’s “openness” on Prime Time (“Catherine Martin’s colleagues should praise her honesty, not criticise her for going on TV,” Opinion & Analysis, March 1st) ignores another option available to the Minister. She could simply have said that she would answer all questions on the matter after meeting with Siún Ní Raghallaigh the next morning. That completely honest answer might have helped preserve an important relationship with someone who has served the public well in leading the revelation of bad governance in RTÉ. It would also have shown some basic courtesy towards Ms Ní Raghallaigh. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 8.

Sir, – Catherine Martin was tasked with uncovering the facts of the matter. That she revealed them rather than concealed them is to her credit and she should be rightfully acknowledged for doing so by those who entrusted her with this task. – Yours, etc,



Dún Laoghaire,

Co Dublin.