Coverage of Irish sporting events

RTÉ has a duty to project a distinctly Irish world view

Sir, – The flagship Morning Ireland news and current affairs programme which was broadcast on RTÉ Radio One on Thursday, May 15th, was followed, as usual, by the RTÉ sports bulletin.

The lead item covered was a report on the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City. This was followed by a report on the English Championship game between Middlesbrough and Coventry City. The third item covered was a report on the Leinster under-20 hurling final between Wexford and Offaly. The winners Offaly qualified for the All-Ireland final as a result of their victory over Wexford.

Are we as a people, and RTÉ in particular, so filled with such levels of self-loathing that the sports department of Ireland’s national broadcaster regard European Champions League football and English domestic soccer as more important than an All-Ireland inter-county hurling semi-final?

To reach an All-Ireland final is the pinnacle of a player’s career. It is a sporting achievement few attain and should be acknowledged appropriately.


This inferiority complex should have exited the gene pool long ago.

As the national broadcaster and a publicly funded institution, RTÉ has a duty to project a distinctly Irish world view. Giving Irish sports fair coverage on national television and radio would be a good start. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.