An Irish welcome for asylum seekers

Where is the true spirit of the Irish nation?

Sir, – During our often-troubled history, Irish people have found solace and respite throughout various parts of the world as economic migrants.

It is a sad reflection to see in recent weeks, the targeting of homeless camps by anti-immigrant protesters, blockades and anti-migration protests.

When one considers the devastating circumstances from which these immigrants have come, this behaviour is nothing more than shameful and does not accurately portray the true spirit of the Irish nation as a welcoming people.

Together, let’s lift the “lamp beside the golden door” and welcome the tired, the poor and the “huddled masses”, because that is who we are. – Yours, etc,




Co Wicklow.

Sir, – I would not want to find myself at the end of the day, hungry and tired after a long bus journey and all the while trying to adapt to a new country and a new language.

But the worst part would be to learn that I would go hungry for that night because I was not welcome. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.