Thousands gather for vigil in Manchester show of solidarity

Fighting spirit: ‘I felt it was very important to prove that I won’t be beaten, intimidated’

As thousand gathered in Manchester to hold a vigil in memory of those who were killed, a parellel event in Birmingham was interrupted after a man apparently armed with a large knife and baseball bat was detained nearby.

Meanwhile, thousands of people gathered in the centre of Manchester in a show of defiance, declaring they will not be “beaten” or “intimidated” in the wake of the terror attack.

Crowds spilled from Albert Square on to nearby roads, standing together in an act of solidarity.

Lu Bowen (40) brought flowers to lay as a mark of respect, and said it has been a “horrific” day.


Standing alongside her teenage daughter Lucy, she said: “We watched it all unfold last night.

“We felt we wanted to show a sense of solidarity and commitment that Manchester always has.

“When the chips are down, Manchester always pulls together.”

She said some of her friends felt nervous about the prospect of coming into the city on Tuesday night, adding: “I personally just want to make a stand that even if my friends felt a bit nervous, I felt it was very important to prove that I won’t be beaten, intimidated.

“And also, people have lost loved ones. If it was me, I’d want to see this.”

Lucy said she had friends at the concert who were “shaken up”, adding: “A few of them didn’t come into school.”

Her mother said: “It’s been a horrific day. But we all feel the same here. We’re here together.”