What would you do with Dublin’s metal boxes? Reddit has come up with a genius idea

Boxes in Dublin city centre labelled ‘mini-Stonehenge’

The emergence of clusters of metal cabinets on Dublin’s College Green, described by some as appearing like a “mini-Stonehenge”, sparked outrage in the capital this week because of their ugly appearance in the city centre.

The boxes have been springing up across Dublin city along the route of the new Luas Cross City line, housing electrical cabling and other equipment associated with the new tram line due to start operating at the end of this year. However, they are causing consternation among city heritage and environmental groups as well as pretty much everybody who claps eyes on them.

A spokeswoman for the Luas cross city project said their “primary focus” was making sure passenger services were complete. “Once we are up and running, maybe we can discuss options for minimising their visual impact”, she added.

However, one Reddit user has taken matters into their own hands and has imagined what might be done with the “offending” boxes.


In the first entry in a “PS Battle”, where users use their Photoshop skills to change real-life images, a user called DeJMan has come up with a suggestion under the heading “Free food” - that at least some of the boxes be turned into fridges offering free food to Dubliners.

The PS Battle can be accessed here. DejMan has also posted a YouTube video showing how he made the image, originally taken by Bryan O'Brien of The Irish Times.

Another user, fruitysuits, came up with an idea featuring 80s children’s puppet Bosco.