What would you buy if you won the EuroMillions jackpot?

It could be you that wins the €130 million lotto, but it probably won’t be

This week’s EuroMillions jackpot is €130 million, with the draw taking place on Friday. That’s a whole lot of millions - but what would you do with it?

Here at The Irish Times we have wasted some of our morning compiling of list of nonsensical things you could spend your millions on.

We got some, quite frankly, strange suggestions from Irish Times staff, including one who said he would set up an online butchers, one who wanted to buy a media organisation and another who would buy a plane if he won the Euromillions.

Here's what you could actually buy with that whopping amount of dollah:


1. iPhone X

The new iPhone X has just been paraded in front of us for a sweet €1,179 a pop. You could buy 110,026 of them with your winnings.

2. Motorway

It costs an average of €8 million to build one kilometre of motorway in Ireland, meaning you could build 16km of motorway.

3. Croke Park Premium Tickets

A 10-year premium ticket for Croke Park costs €12,500 and guarantees you entry to every game. If you had one this year it would have saved you the hassle of schmoozing the club chairperson for the last three weeks just to get a seat at this weekend’s All-Ireland final. If you win the lotto this weekend you could buy 10,400 premium tickets and keep the whole parish happy.

4. Le Grand Bleu yacht

This was the first yacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abromovich and is significantly more modest than his more recent purchases. He reportedly lost it in a bet to his friend Eugene Shvidler. That could be you soon - gambling your yacht away and still s sleeping soundly. This one is worth about €75 million .

5. Apartment parking spaces

This week the Construction Industry Federation claimed parking spaces for apartment blocks can end up costing property developers up to €100,000 each. You could buy 1,300 of them.

6. The Iron Throne

You can sit your butt down on top of the Seven Kingdoms without so much as breaking a sweat if you won this week's jackpot. Forget about the Battle of the Bastards or the Red Wedding, you can keep all of your family members and make your way as the rightful heir. HBO were selling a replica of the throne for €25,000 in 2013.

7. The contents of two Irish Times property supplements

The Irish Times property supplement is a healthy 32 pages today. If you count up the value of all the houses featured (excluding advertisements), it comes to a grand total of €58 million. If you won the jackpot, you could buy the contents of two chunky property supplements and have change for a subscription or two.

8. Irish Times subscription

A top-of-the-range Irish Times subscription package costs €12.50 a week - that includes access to all digital content and the paper delivered to your door every day. You could buy 216,666 one-year subscriptions with your winnings.

Niamh Towey

Niamh Towey

Niamh Towey is an Irish Times journalist