LA car chase ends with suspects high-fiving onlookers

Burglary suspects take selfies and do doughnuts in Mustang while police follow

Two burglary suspects led authorities on a bizarre chase in a top-down convertible through rainy California that ended with the men stopping to exchange high-fives with onlookers and take selfies before being handcuffed.

The hour-long escapade stretched from Cerritos on to motorways and through Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles before winding up in a south LA neighbourhood.

During the chase, the driver of the blue Mustang did “doughnuts” on the street while the passenger waved to nearby motorists and occasionally stood up as the car cruised through jammed traffic.

At the end, the driver sat on the car’s bonnet and both men exchanged hugs and chatted with more than a dozen onlookers for several minutes before surrendering to arriving sheriff’s deputies.