Do you look like a Neanderthal? This is the job for you

New American TV series looking for extras with ‘Neanderthal’ looks in Dublin casting

Do you bear resemblance to a bearded, big-headed, club-wielding Neanderthal? Well, your luck is finally in.

A new American television series is looking for extras to appear in their pre-historic pilot show which they say "has the potential to become Ireland's next Game of Thrones or Vikings".

The production is looking for people who possess “Neanderthal, Viking, African or Mediterranean looks”.

We are not quite sure how those ethnic origins could ever merge into one real human being, but if you think you fit the mixed-race bill an open casting is taking place in Dublin on Friday.


The casting is open for men and women over 16 years old and will start at 11am at Filmbase on Curved Street, Templebar. Filming will take place in Dublin and Wicklow.

Niamh Towey

Niamh Towey

Niamh Towey is an Irish Times journalist