Citizen reporter poleaxed while questioning Labour TD

Video shows ‘The Revolutionist’ lose his bearings while buttonholing Joe Costello

A Dublin reporter from the online site ‘Revolution Republic News’ illustrated the dangers of being a journalist when he walked headfirst into a street pole while questioning a backbench Government TD.

In a video posted online Andy ‘The Revolutionist’ Whelan is seen vigorously questioning Labour TD Joe Costello about water charges on a night-lit street in Dublin.

“With such hard public opposition to Irish Water,” Whelan says: “why is your Minister for Environment Alan Kelly still pushing such a hard line attitude on something that the people of this country so fervently do not want?”

Whelan then starts pleading with the Dublin Central TD when his question goes ignored. “C’mon Joe, give me one question, please,” he is heard to say. “C’mon Joe, give me a bit of respect, man.”


Shortly afterwards, while saying something about “f**king scum”, Whelan inadvertently walks headfirst into a pole, bringing a sharp end to his line of questioning.

“Jesus that was one hell of a bang and a half,” he says to the camera afterwards. “Well, it can’t be said I’m not willing to take a hit for the team. By Jesus, me head is splitting.”

For Costello it was a new twist on the theme of poll controversies which have surrounded his party for much of the last week.