Boyband Five pull out of pro-Brexit gig

Band pulled out of Leave.EU organised event after discovering it is a political rally

Boyband Five have pulled out of a Brexit gig organised by the Leave.EU campaign after discovering it is a political rally.

Originally only two of the band's three members, Ritchie Neville and Scott Robinson were due to play at the BPop Live gig in Birmingham just days before the EU referendum vote.

But the 90s hitmakers have cancelled their performance, although Alesha Dixon, Sister Sledge and East 17 are still listed to appear.

The band, also known as 5ive, said in a statement: “When Rich and Scott agreed to play the event they understood that it was a pop concert funded by one of the Brexit organisations and not a political rally.


“As it has come to light that this is more of a political rally with entertainment included they have both decided to cancel their involvement.

“They would like to make it clear that as a band Five has no political allegiances or opinions for either side. Their allegiance is first and foremost to their fans.”

The band's third member, Sean Conlon, was never due to perform at the gig because he was not available, the band said.

The gig has already been hit by a series of line-up changes as acts discovered its political nature. Drum ‘n’ bass act Sigma have already pulled out and told Buzzfeed they are “in no way supporting the event” when asked if they are in favour of Britain voting to leave the EU.