Over 65s and immunocompromised to receive booster as vaccine roll out begins

Second Covid booster jab begins today for an estimated 750,000 of the population

The HSE national director of vaccinations Damien McCallion has urged the over 65 age group and those who are immunocompromised to present for their second Covid booster which is being rolled out on Friday.

Mr McCallion said that the Niac advise zones in on those two cohorts with the total population of both being an estimated 750,000, while 50,000 of those are in the immunocompromised category.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast, he said that there must be a four month gap since a person has had their last booster jab. If a person has contracted the virus recently there must also be a four month gap before they receive their next booster jab.

“You must have a four month gap minimum since your last vaccination in terms of your last booster. And also if you have been Covid positive you have to have a four month gap.


“We will be able to check people in terms of their four months if they are uncertain but people have to make sure there is that four month gap there (in terms of having the virus). So that is the two groups that are eligible and the time period which is important for people to know.”

Mr McCallion said that GPs will come on stream gradually over the next couple of weeks.

“GPs will need to go through their patient lists and identify who is eligible. They will have their vaccine ordered and they will be commencing. People don’t need to contact their GP,” he said.

The vaccination centres will commence jabs from Friday. Eligible members of the public can book their appointments through HSE.ie and vaccination centres are open on certain days in certain parts of the country.

Pharmacies will come on stream from next month with a list available on HSE.ie.