Free scheme to recycle ‘end-of-life’ vehicles introduced

Those who fail to scrap their end-of-life vehicles correctly may remain liable for road tax.

A new industry-funded scheme to recycle “end-of-life” vehicles has been set up by Minister for Environment Denis Naughten.

The end of life vehicle environmental scheme, known as Elves, will operate like the Weee scheme for recycling waste electrical equipment or the Repak ELT for end-of-life tyres.

Elves is based around a series of approved treatment facilities which are obliged to taken in vehicles without charge.

Those who dispose of their vehicles in this way will be given a certificate of destruction. Those who scrap vehicles without obtaining a certificate will be liable to fines of €100.


In addition, those who fail to scrap their end-of-life vehicles may remain liable for road tax.

Opening the scheme in Athlone, Co Westmeath on Thursday Mr Naughten said said traditional internal combustion engines in the State’s transport fleet accounted for 20 per cent of the State’s greenhouse gas emissions and consumes one-third of the State’s energy needs.

In addition he said the manufacturing process for a car could create as much greenhouse gas emissions as driving it.

He described Elves as “an important first step” in creating an economy based on recycling car parts and welcomed the participation of vehicle manufacturers in funding the scheme.

However, he warned a significant number of vehicle importers - particularly those who import second hand vehicles - had not signed up to the scheme and were not contributing to the costs.

He said even with the new scheme meeting EU recycling targets for vehicles in the future would be “challenging”.

In 2014 some 90 per cent of end-of-life vehicles were disposed of correctly. The ambition is to increase this to 95 per cent in coming years.

Referring to non-compliant vehicle importers Mr Naughten said the compliance scheme “represents a straightforward means for vehicle importers to fulfil their obligations.

“It is essential that they sign up to the new scheme and pay their proper dues in this regard”.

He said end-of-life vehicles were a priority area for waste enforcement and he would be asking waste enforcement agencies “ as a matter of urgency, to tackle these non-compliant vehicle importers”.

“I would urge all vehicle importers to avail of the opportunity to fulfil their legal obligations under this new scheme” he said.

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien is an Irish Times journalist