Aer Lingus flight makes emergency landing in Dublin

Service to Faro expected to depart later this morning following technical fault

An Aer Lingus flight to Portugal was forced to make an emergency landing in Dublin this morning 45 minutes after take-off.

Flight EI 490 left Dublin for Faro at 6.20am but proceeded to circle back to Dublin Airport and landed at 7.06am after a technical fault was discovered mid-air.

The plane was met by emergency services upon arrival in what was a precautionary measure, according to the company. All 181 passengers disembarked safely and are expected to resume their journey at some stage this morning.

No other disruptions were reported at Dublin Airport as a result.


It marks the third time in the space of a week that an Aer Lingus aircraft has had to make an unexpected landing after issues with a Shannon-bound flight from New York last week, along with a similar return to Dublin for a Munich flight on Saturday.