Management company withdraws objection to ‘Salesforce Tower’

Several North Lotts apartment owners ‘had no knowledge’ objection made in their name

The management company of a luxury apartment complex has been forced to withdraw its objection to developer Johnny Ronan's "Salesforce Tower" after a backlash from apartment owners and residents.

The management company had strongly objected to the plan to add two floors to the docklands development, saying it “made a mockery of the planning process”.

However, once the objection became public, several apartment owners wrote to both the management company and DCC expressing support for the development, prompting the climbdown from the management company.

One letter sent to Dublin City Council (DCC) by a solicitors’ firm working on behalf of the supportive apartment owners complained that they “had no knowledge” of the submission made in their name until after the fact, and that the submission “did not reflect the views of our clients who support the additional floors proposed at the Salesforce Tower”.


“Our clients had fairly formed the view that Salesforce Tower was a fantastic addition to the North Lotts area and that it would greatly increase the value of their properties.”

The planning application made by the developer would increase the height of the building by two storeys, which would accommodate space for an extra 1,000 staff.

Last weekend’s Sunday Business Post reported that Mr Ronan wrote to DCC in January stating that the increase in size was “essential”. “Needless to say this means extra quality JOBS, JOBS, JOBS for Ireland! The last thing we want is another Apple fiasco on our hands.”

In addition to the observation made by the Spencer Dock apartment management company, four local residents have made submissions criticising the plan to increase the size of the building. As the development is a Special Development Zone, if the local authority approves the plan, no appeal is possible to An Bord Pleanála.

Salesforce, the company which has agreed a deal for all the office space once the block is constructed, lodged an observation in support of the project’s expansion. “The site characteristics lends itself to increased heights and densities providing for high-quality additional accommodation in a location well served by public transport and within the Docklands area,” the company wrote.

“Should this planning application be successful, it would provide the capacity to continue to grow into the future.”

IDA Ireland also wrote to DCC in support of the application, saying that "the ongoing competitive and timely supply of large-scale commercial office space is of paramount importance in continuing to attract and win FDI [foreign direct investment]".

Jack Horgan-Jones

Jack Horgan-Jones

Jack Horgan-Jones is a Political Correspondent with The Irish Times