What is the GMAT?

What is the Graduate Management Admission Test for?

Passing the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a requirement for entry to some business schools around the world including, in Ireland, those on offer at Trinity and UCD.

NUI Galway, DCU, TU Dublin and the University of Limerick Executive MBA applicants may also be required to have a satisfactory GMAT score.

The test, which measures higher-order reasoning skills including problem-solving and critical thinking, takes about four hours.

Trinity College Dublin says that most people spend between three to four weeks preparing for the test and that it includes:


* Analytical writing: Examiners focus on how students analyse an argument based around a single topic

* Integrated reasoning: This section includes table analysis, interpreting graphics and multi-source reasoning

* Quantitative: Data sufficiency and problem-solving are the focus

* Verbal: Reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction are assessed here.

At Smurfit, candidates who score exceptionally well on the GMAT may be awarded scholarships. A number of private companies operating in Ireland, including Veritas Prep and Manhattan Review, offer GMAT preparation courses.

On March 28 and April 4, 2020, Veritas will host twelve hours of GMAT preparation, held across two days, with applicants learning the skills and concepts needed to pass the test.