Smuggled cigarettes worth more than €4.3m seized in Dublin

Illegal shipment of 7.9 million cigarettes discovered aboard vessel from Rotterdam

A shipment of 7.9 million cigarettes with a value of more than €4.3 million has been seized in Dublin.

Revenue officials seized the smuggled cigarettes on Wednesday after they were discovered aboard a vessel from Rotterdam at Dublin Port.

The cigarettes were found in a shipping container said to contain “welding equipment” and “workshop machinery”.

According to a Revenue statement, the cigarettes were “cheap whites”, branded “Business Royals” and “Gold Classic”.


The total retail value of the shipment was more than €4.3 million, representing a loss to the Exchequer of about €3.4 million.

The seizure came as part of Revenue operations targeting the supply and sale of illegal cigarettes and tobacco.

“If businesses or members of the public have any information about smuggling or the sale of illegal tobacco products, they can contact Revenue on confidential phone number 1800 295 295,” the statement said.

Dean Ruxton

Dean Ruxton

Dean Ruxton is an Audience Editor at The Irish Times. He also writes the Lost Leads archive series