Three’s customer care has ‘failed’ me, says frustrated customer

Pricewatch: No improvement in coverage despite 40-minute calls to customer care

"I am writing this email as a last resort as my patience levels with all the different customer care individuals on the 1913 number for Three customer care have failed me," starts the mail from a reader called Blathnaid who has been having what sounds like a frustrating time after signing up to a mobile broadband package with Three Mobile earlier this year.

She works several days at home each week and is part of a team of eight working in education and “on those days, most of my work entails sending emails, doing research and making and receiving several daily Skype calls. I have made endless excuses as to why I can’t participate in any or some of these activities,” she says.

"I have contacted Three customer care several times since this device was recommended to me at the Carphone Warehouse in Galway city," she says. "I explained that I am a mother of three kids working from home but also that the kids would be adding devices in the evening. I have spent up to 40 minutes on the phone to customer care each time but there has been no improvement in my coverage since January."


She says that on a daily basis, she moves from room to room to see where she can get coverage, “I have followed the advice about turning the device off, placing it near a window, putting a pen tip on under cover to get better signal – the list goes on and on. I cannot even check my usage because no one can resolve that either. The wifi symbol regularly has a yellow clamp on it or the light on the device is orange instead of green, or a grey screen.”


In response, Three Mobile says Blathnaid “has had a mobile broadband account with us since January of this year, and first contacted us regarding issues with their service on June 8th. At the time that they contacted us, we had an issue on the site that they were connected to. This issue was resolved on 11th June.”

A spokeswoman says that she can see that although “this customer has consistently had significant data usage, they have reported further service issues. We continue to liaise with them on this and we would like to send out a replacement modem to ensure that there isn’t a modem issue. As always, we will work with the customer to reach a satisfactory conclusion.”