The battle of the tortilla chips

Four easily available options put to the test

€4.25 for 180g, €23.61 per kg
Pringles what now? Tortilla chips? In a tube? Obviously we couldn't not buy these. The first word that came to mind when we tried our first one was "weird". They are neither Pringles nor tortilla chips but a peculiar mash-up of the two. They are styled like regular Pringles, which makes them completely the wrong shape for a nacho cheese dish, although they are pretty good for dipping. And you will need to slather them in dip, because flavour is somewhat lacking. And don't get us started on the price.
Verdict: Disappointing.
Star rating: ★★

€2.85 for 200g, €14.25 per kg
If you are making nacho cheese chips, you won't go far wrong with these. The chips are circular, which makes stacking them and then covering them with cheese ahead of a spell in the oven very simple. We don't think they have been designed for eating straight out of the pack, because when eaten unadorned they are dull and bland. Served with melted cheese and jalapeño peppers and loads of dip, however, they come into their own. They also have a lovely crunch.
Verdict: They need something else.
Star rating: ★★★

€0.70 for 200g, €3.50 per kg
These look like the kind of tortilla chips you would find in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by Donald Trump. But let's get past appearance. They are phenomenally cheap – almost seven times cheaper than the dearest option. And they taste okay. They are not going to rock your world, but they are fine. You might not wolf down an entire bag while watching Celebrity Big Brother, but if you are having a party and want a mountain of chips in a bowl without blowing a fortune, this is a good option.
Verdict: Very good value.
Star rating: ★★★★

€2.99 for 200g, €14.95 per kg
The first question we had when we saw these was: what on earth had Doritos done to its packaging? Gone are all the fiery reds and oranges and in comes weird black-and-white packaging. Turns out it is part of a campaign; people are being asked to vote for either this flavour or the ridiculous- sounding cheeseburger flavour. The sizzling salsa flavour is amazing, however. They taste like they have come pre-coated in lovely spicy salsa. The texture is nice and they have a decent crunch. We bought them on a half-price deal in Tesco, which made them excellent value. Even at the price quoted above, they are still worth buying.
Star rating: ★★★★★
Verdict: Top notch.