Tropical immune boosters

Serves: 0
Course: Side Dish
Cooking Time: 0 hr 10 mins
  • Anti-inflammatory turmeric can helpprotect against colds and flu
  • Makes 16140g dried mango30g goji berries140g cashew nuts60g desiccatedCoconut, plus extra to coat1 tbsp baobab powder1 tsp ground turmeric1 tsp rosehip powder1 lime, juice and zest2-4 tbsp cold filtered water

Place all the ingredients except the filtered water in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped. With the motor running, add the water a little at a time until the mixture starts to come together, forming a loose ball.

Divide into 16 evenly sized portions and roll into balls.

Sprinkle a layer of desiccated coconut on a separate plate and gently roll the balls to coat.

Place in the fridge for one hour or freeze for 20 minutes to firm up before eating. Best served chilled, but absolutely fine to pop in a lunchbox and eat later in the day.

Making by hand: Finely chop the mango (soak your mango in cold water for five minutes to soften if necessary), substitute ready-made cashew nut butter for the cashews, and mix in the powders and juice.

For one ball: calories 92; fat 4.6g; carbohydrates 11g; sugar 10.5g; sodium 6mg; fibre 1.2g; protein 2g; cholesterol 0mg