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Thursday’s Top Stories: Audit identifies just 500 extra asylum seeker beds; How do you know if your friend is an emotional vampire?

Here are the stories you need to start your day including 12 reasons why it hasn’t always been cool to be Irish

Audit identifies just 500 extra beds for asylum seekers despite over 4,000 Ukrainians leaving accommodation

An audit of emergency accommodation for migrants has found roughly 500 extra beds, despite thousands of Ukrainians leaving their accommodation while hundreds of asylum seekers remain unaccommodated.

Figures compiled by the Department of Integration show there are 4,300 fewer Ukrainians in hotels and other serviced accommodation compared with the start of the year, while 1,260 people seeking international protection remain unaccommodated.

A spokesman for Minister for Integration Roderic O’Gorman said on Wednesday the department had sourced “several hundred” beds with providers who are contracted to house Ukrainians which can be converted to accommodation for asylum seekers.

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  • How do you know if your friend is an emotional vampire? What if it is you?: It seems it would be easy to recognise a “good” friend. They are there for us, have our best interests at heart, and give us space to breathe and grow. There’s also a presumption that a ‘bad’ friend would stand out like the sore throbbing thumb they are, and we’d be best to cut the sore off rather than bandage it. However, when it comes to spotting a friend who intentionally or unconsciously saps our energy, it may not be as obvious unless we tune into how we feel after spending time in their company. Certain friendships can leave us exhausted, stressed and emotionally drained, with a cloud of other negative emotions lingering.

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