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Friday’s Top Stories: Voting starts in referendums; US to build Gaza pier to deliver aid

Here are the stories you need to start your day including reflections on International Women’s Day and Irish firms sanctioned over commercial spyware

US will build pier in Gaza for aid delivery - Biden

The US military will build a temporary dock on the Gaza shoreline to allow delivery of humanitarian aid on a large scale, US president Joe Biden announced in his State of the Union speech.

“Nearly two million more Palestinians under bombardment or displaced, homes destroyed, neighbourhoods in rubble, cities in ruin, families without food, water, medicine. It’s heartbreaking,” Mr Biden said on Thursday night, declaring the US was leading humanitarian relief efforts.

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International Women’s Day

The Big Interview

The Kinahans: Christy, Daniel and Christopher jnr

Kinahans under pressure, ‘selfies with celebrities’ have stopped, Drew Harris says: The Kinahan cartel was trying to find new avenues to conceal its money now that Daniel Kinahan’s role as a legitimate professional boxing promoter had been destroyed and his “selfies with celebrities” had been brought to a halt, the Garda Commissioner has said.

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The parkrun ‘world record’ that cost Ciara Mageean the indoor season: The plan was for a quick pre-Christmas blowout, Ciara Mageean taking on the 5km parkrun at Victoria Park in Belfast last December 23rd before moving into the more serious business of Olympic year.


England vs Ireland: Who came up with the Blitz defence? A young journalist’s worst nightmare is looking foolish in a press room full of grizzled veterans. You raise the head above the parapet, ask a player or coach a question, only to be met with a response that suggests you should have thought twice.

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Radio review: Barely a month into his talkshow, Oliver Callan’s nearly asleep at the wheel: As if enough alarm bells aren’t already going off across RTÉ, it now appears that Oliver Callan (RTÉ Radio 1, weekdays) needs a wake-up call.

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