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Wednesday’s Top Stories: Mexican cartel had created Irish hub to aid EU drugs business, gardaí believe; Secret pesticide ingredients ‘may pose risk to people, pollinators and environment’

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Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel created an Irish network to aid large movement of drugs, gardaí believe

Gardaí believe Mexico’s notorious Sinaloa drugs cartel had quietly established a network of agents and enablers in the Republic to facilitate the onward movement of vast quantities of drugs to EU countries and other nations outside Europe.

While the initial building of that network was completed under the radar, resulting in several large drugs shipments transiting through Irish ports, gardaí began gathering intelligence about the activities of the Irish suspects and put them under surveillance. That investigation, which has been going on for some time, resulted in the seizure of over half a tonne of synthetic drugs, believed to be crystal meth, in Cork port last Friday.

Two suspects arrested for questioning during Garda follow-up operations after the drugs were discovered were still being held in Co Kerry last night. Investigating gardaí were last night due to go before the courts to seek an additional period to question them, or would be obliged to release the men without charge.

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