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Thursday’s top stories: MPs vote today on UK-DUP deal; Revenue may investigate RTÉ exit payments amid staff ‘outrage’ at severance deals

Here are the most important stories you need to start your day, including construction inflation easeing but worker shortage now the main challenge

Northern Ireland Assembly set for return as MPs vote today on UK-DUP deal

The British measures which secured the Democratic Unionist Party’s return to powersharing are expected to become law today, paving the way for the imminent restoration of North Ireland’s political institutions.

MPs will vote on two pieces of legislation following a debate in the House of Commons, but this is a formality as it has the support of both the British government and its official opposition.

The outgoing speaker of the North’s Assembly, Alex Maskey, wrote to MLAs on Wednesday to inform them preparations were being made to enable a sitting to take place at short notice.

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