Feed a family of four for less than €10 with John Relihan’s bacon jam burger

Frugal Feasts: It’s more cost-effective making your own burgers, but premade ones work for this dish too

Bacon Jam Burger

The one thing I love in life is a simple but great burger that’s packed with flavour. Starting with the burger, buy the best meat you can afford. It’s more cost-effective to make your own burger patties by simply using minced beef and forming them into burgers, but you can also use premade burgers for this. Whatever you choose it’s going to taste great because I’m going to give you some transformative tools for your at-home burger – killer condiments and garnishes.

10 years of Irish Times Food Month

This year I was lucky enough to join the amazing team at Pitt Bros on Georges’s street in Dublin. One of the recipes we worked on was their bacon jam burger. When I first tried the burger it melted in the mouth, from the soft buttery brioche bun topped with caramelised onions, to the rich Irish cheddar cheese and sweet bacon jam spooned on top of a perfectly cooked burger. It was magic.

I love to cook burgers over a live fire but using a pan in the kitchen you can still enjoy it to the fullest. And If you don’t fancy making your own bacon jam you can buy jars of it at Pitt Bros to take away.

Recipe: John Relihan’s bacon jam burger


John Relihan is executive chef at Pitt Bros in Dublin