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Frugal Feasts: Feed a family of four for less than €10 with Angela Scanlon’s foolproof one-pan dish

Irish Times Food Month: This bean and cavolo nero recipe is perfect if you want a very easy, healthy evening meal using stuff that’s mostly in the press already

I am unfortunately no Nigella (on any level) and I actively resist following recipes because it “stifles my creativity”. But sometimes I pull it out of the bag and rustle together something triumphant and bloody delicious – often as much a surprise to me as anyone else.

10 years of Irish Times Food Month

I posted this on Instagram and had so many people ask me for the recipe (I use that word very loosely) that I decided to share it. It’s perfect if you want a very easy, healthy evening meal for your little crew with stuff that’s mostly in the press already. It’s not a soup, it’s not a stew or a curry, but it’s also not none of those things – a one pot wonder.

Use any greens you intended to juice before they go off and everything else in here is sitting in your pantry gathering dust. When you’ve had eggs for dinner one too many times but still need something simple that’s nutritious and comforting, this is the one. I encourage artistic licence, so basically do what you want, just don’t blame me.

Recipe: Angela Scanlon’s foolproof one pan bean and cavolo nero supper


Angela Scanlon is a broadcaster, podcast host and author. You can catch her RTÉ One every Saturday with her show Ask Me Anything, and on her podcast Thanks a Million. Her debut book, Joyrider, is out now